Transformed: How To Be More Transparent About the Real You—A Series (#2)

Estella's flyer.

Estella’s flyer.

2016 is a year that will be what we make of it … just like any other year. So, what will we make of it?

I’d like to suggest that 2016 be the Year of Transformation. This option is open to anyone who wants it. You’re not required to do, be or have anything in particular in order to join this crusade other than a strong desire to be in alignment with your true Self.

Even if you have no idea what that really is.

A year filled with being true to ourselves— the real us, sounds exciting, relieving, scary and adventurous at the same time.

If you’ve already revealed your true Self to the world, this post is not for you. It’s for those of us who have hidden our true Selves away in fear of ridicule or judgement.

2016 is our year to release the chains, albeit self imposed, of fear.

One of my transformations will be in the area of voicing my opinion. Not in a disrespectful or belligerent way. Just voicing what I believe to be true for me about myself, my abilities, my desires and goals and how I see the world.

It’s my year to love me, fully, just as I am.

This is new territory for me .. and scary. I have always been one to shy away from sharing my opinion and if I did, I desperately hoped people would still like me. Offending people was my worst nightmare.

Writing has been a blessing for me. When I started this journey to fuller alignment with my true Self, vocalizing my thoughts was too hard. I needed to start with a medium that separated me from others. It was a protective wall, yes. I needed to feel safe in order to speak.

Enter: books and blogging. This medium allowed me to slowly make progress dissolving great fear and resistance along the way. Cautiously, opened up to what writing had to offer me: freedom.

Writing has helped me transform into more of my true Self; this continues to be the case—daily.

What do you desire to do, in 2016, that will transform you into more of your true Self?

Does the idea scare you? Thrill you?

What is the cost of NOT transforming yourself into more of who you truly are?

Are you hiding from family? Friends? Co-workers?

Do you have a secret life, a secret hobby, passion or talent that you’d feel mortified if anyone know about?

Walk this journey with me in 2016. We have so much more to lose by not being authentically ourselves than continuing the charade.

Be brave. Have courage. Take a chance.

The image at the top of this post is a flyer made by my 12 year-old daughter. It just showed up on the wall the other day.

I love the reminder to take a chance, on myself and what I can become, everyday.

Join me. There’s enough stubs for everyone.

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