Feeling Blah Lately? 9 Easy Steps to Rediscover Excitement

Living with passion is your divine right. Life’s supposed to be fun.

But not everyday feels as exciting as it could. This is not because the average day does not contain exciting events. It’s more likely you’ve just never been given the proper steps to uncover it.

These 9 easy steps will help you live with more joy and excitment regarding average, everyday moments and eventually lead you to uncover the “big” stuff such as your life purpose(s).

I believe some people have 1 life purpose, others have many.

“Multipotentialites” are destined to combine many passions into totally new disciplines.

Follow these steps every day and watch what happens to your life.

Excitement awaits.

1) Understand life, and manifestation, is actually very simple.

Finding excitement is not hard. Don’t try to complicate it by thinking it should be or ignoring these steps because they seem too easy.

2) Every day you have options. You have choices regarding things to do. From these options, choose to do the thing that is most exciting … in that moment.

3) Recognize that acting on your highest level of excitement does not mean it has to be the most exciting thing you’ll ever do in your life.

You’re not going to live every moment in ecstasy. But you do have choices between levels of excitement.

4) Find the most exciting thing you can do in this moment and act on it.

Out of all the choices you have, pick the one that provides you with the greatest amount of joy.

5) Drop any and all assumptions that your actions are going to lead to any specific outcomes.

6) Continue with that activity taking it as far as you can, acting on it to the best of your ability.

7) Once you’ve taken that choice as far as you can (without any need for it to produce any certain outcome), choose the next best option from all the choices you have in that moment.

8) When you decide what your next best choice is, follow the same formula I just gave you.

9) This process will cause your energy and awareness to expand into bigger and bigger opportunities and bigger and bigger levels of excitement.

For example, you’ve had many choices of things to do since you awoke this morning. Most people don’t read blog posts out of obligation so I’m going to assume that reading this fell under the category of the most exciting thing you could be doing in this moment. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be doing it.

Follow these 9 steps and sooner or later you will uncover the big stuff like your life purpose(s). Following the most exciting thing you can do in any given moment will ensure that you stay happier, too.

This is a true recipe for success.

Those who are successful AND happy will tell you they are living their passion. They choose activities according to their level of excitement and understand the physics behind doing so … which is why they’re successful and happy.

Again, starting right now, what is the most exciting thing you can do —from the options available to you right now. Take this activity as far as you can without expectation it should produce any specific outcomes (although it will). When you can’t take this activity any further, choose the next most exciting thing from your available options.

(This is how I choose to live my life. I can tell you, from experience, it produces some outstanding outcomes.)

Continue this pattern for the next 30 days.

Post comments below to let me know how it’s going?

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