7 Practical Steps to Following Your Bliss (in 3 minutes or less).

Living your ideal life simply means doing what you love.

If you’re doing what you love in any given moment of the day, then ideally … you’re living your best life. You’re follow your bliss.

Is there any other way to live?

These 7 practical steps put you on that path. You can even master them before you’re done reading this post.

This post is for you if you want to follow your bliss but something seems to be in the way. You intuitively know there’s more joy to be experienced but you’re not sure how to find it.

It’s for you if you’re tired of living with so-so levels of enthusiasm and mojo.

The term practical means … the practice of. The dictionary says: of or concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.

The steps I’m about to give you are just that: practical. When you do them you, reap the benefits of them. It doesn’t get any more complicated that than.

You might try to make these more complicated with your limiting belief that nothing can be this simple. But your limiting belief is only doing its job keeping you trapped in a place you don’t want to be.

So don’t be too upset with it.

Just know that when it starts telling you, “Stop reading this. It’s never that simple. This lady’s full of fluff and nonsense. It’s just personal development mumbo jumbo.” it’s lying.

Limiting beliefs, or beliefs in general, are self supporting and self replicating. It’s in their benefit to be kept alive. They direct you to the exact thoughts and feelings and “proof” you need to keep them alive.

Your ideal life—your bliss—is available to you at any time. The results you keep dreaming of don’t have to live in the dream realm only.

But if you’ve been living by the beat of a different drummer, thinking that getting ideal results is hard, practicing these steps is going to be hard for you.

Do you see the irony?

It’s going to feel impossible to: live your ideal life, get your ideal results, follow your bliss.

But it’s actually the opposite. It’s really super simple.

One question before I give you the steps.

Do you understand the importance of following what’s most exciting to you in any given moment and that these steps below are a complete “toolkit” to realizing your ideal life?

Practice these steps everyday. Watch what happens to you and your life.

Blissful existence, here you come.

#1. Pay attention to what excites you. What are you passionate about?

#2. Look at your options in this moment. What are all the option you have in this moment? (Do not try and pick for choices that are not available in this moment.)

#3. Take action on the best choice, from all the choices you have in this moment. What can you take action on right now that feels the best to you?

#4. Do this action to the best of your ability. Can you do this to the best of your ability?

#5. Take it as far as you can take it. How far can you take this choice before you can’t take it any farther?

#6. Do not expect a specific outcome from your choice. You’re doing it because it’s the most exciting thing you can to. That’s it. (This is the paradox of success—focus, then allow.) Are you expecting your actions and choice to give you a certain result? Or would you be happy with a better one?

#7. Do this same process again. Are you willing to follow these steps again?

That’s it. That’s the way to your bliss.

Good luck. And let me how it goes.

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