What Does the Parking Angel Have to Do With Your Success In Life?

You know the Parking Angel, don’t you?

The Parking Angel is the angel you pray to when you need a good parking spot. Ever wondered why praying to her works so well?

For those who believe in the Parking Angel, you know what I’m taking about. She’s always there when you need her: a jam packed concert venue, in Old Town (Chicago) for an event, at the beach on the nicest day of summer.

You believe in her. She always has your back.

Give a little shout out when you need her the most; she always shows up.

I had a 1-2-1 with the Parking Angel the other day.

She’s very sweet and doesn’t usually give interviews but I was persistent. I told her this blog post was important, that many interested people would be reading it.

I told her I thought she held the key to greater life success and not to be so secretive with her knowledge.

Not surprisingly, she knew exactly that I meant with this whole parking angel-life success thing. She knew just what to talk about.

Here is the transcript from my interview.

AS: Tell me about what you do—your job?

PA: I’m Parking Angel. People pray to me when they need a good parking spot. You know … like when you get to school or work late or when you’re going out to eat or a movie. You say a “prayer” which usually start swith, “OMG … this place is packed ….I hope I find a good spot.” and I show up.

AS: Why does it seem like you only answer the prayers of some people or even just sometimes for people?

PA: What?! I’m always answering your prays showing you the best place to park. You humans are the problem, not me. You ask for stuff and immediately doubt it will happen. “I’ll never find a good spot!” you shout. So …precisely because you don’t believe, you never feel me as I give you the hints.

AS: Feel you?

PA: Yes, feel me. I give you inklings, gut feelings, tendencies, goose bumps and intuitive hits. You humans think angels only signal with harps, 100 person choruses, bells and whistles. That’s so Hollywood. So not how it happens. We never shout; we whisper.

AS: As an angel, I suspect you have a better view than we do on the ground level. Can you talk about that?

PA: I have what’s called a conceptual understanding—view—of how things work. You humans think in such a linear fashion  …. like … this has to happen, then that. You think in such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 way you limit yourself and your experiences. That idea that things happen in the past, present and future. That’s the biggest joke of all. Your quantum physicists are just now beginning to figure this stuff out.

What I mean by conceptual is that when you ask for a parking spot, if you believe in a greater possibility and allow yourself to move out of the “that guy has to move before I can pull in” type thinking—which is a very linear, ground level thought process— all the best case scenarios open up. You’ve got to think bird’s eye view.

AS: I think I understand?

PA: Think about it like this. When you’re circling the parking lot at the mall on the ground level, you could never see all the open spots. There’s just no way. You only have the view from out your windshield—front ..such as what’s going to happen …. rear window such as what’s already happened and side windows … what’s happening right now.

I have a broader perspective, a higher up vantage point. I CAN see all the ways in which spots can— and will open up. And if you weren’t so thick in the head you’d hear me talking to you through your intuition. If you could just let loose and whole heartedly believe in me and LISTEN … then you’d serendipitously end up in aisle B4 right near the mall entry. When you do listen, you get the spot. When you don’t, you get the spot all the way in the back and you get all pissed off thinking things never work out for you. But you see they did work out. Precisely in the way that you listened … which was only partially.

AS: Keep going. I think this is beginning to sink in.

PA: Look, I’m not physical like you are. I’m a non-physical energy that’s always with you. It’s funny. Some of you humans think I’m only there in parking lots … that I’m only a parking angel. You like your boxes, that’s for sure. You even have a saying, “Think outside the box.” Just drop the damn box already. It’s slowing you down.

But, I’m actually always with you. You know when you needed to get that job and you prayed to the I Need to Get That Job Angel? And when you prayed to the Please Help My Kid Feel Better Angel?

That was me. You think I’m these seperate angels. How linear of you. You think I can only be ONE type of angel at ONE time. Boxes, boxes, boxes. You won’t advance if you keep holding onto your boxes.

And my name is not really parking lot angel, either. It’s Ms. Y. H. Self.  Y. H. stands for Your Higher. I got the name from my Higher Self. We’re all just a bunch of Jr.’s, you know. The fact that we all have the exact same name is no accident. We’re all really the same person … needles off the same tree.

AS: This is all very intriguing but how does being able to think conceptually help me get the stuff I want in life?

PA: Again, if you can trust that I have a bird’s eye view and that I’m giving you subtle hints along the journey, you will learn how to think in a bigger picture kind of way … with practice. Again, what I mean by conceptual is seeing more of the bigger picture all at once. Imagine if you put all your singular boxes together and they formed a bigger picture. You realize this is what a movie is, right? A bunch of singluar boxes … you call them frames … whizzing past your eyeballs giving you the impression of movement. Remove the veil down, people. With the movie analogy, life for you is like only seeing a single frame. I see the whole movie. Actually, I see many movies, potential beginnings, endings, new plots and remakes but I digress.

In the parking lot, I’m able to see all the way from one end to the other and all the levels if you’re in a parking garage. I often try to give this information to you flash ideas, but you seem to dismiss those as they aren’t physical proof, at first.

You can learn to see with this perspective if you want to, you know. You just need to believe that you can. When you can think more conceptually, you struggle less in life. You’ll be more creative, more relaxed and have lots more fun. Things will just seem to happen for you because it’s almost like you can see what’s coming.

Look, kids are being born with this ability today. Isabella even said something to you the other day about her English test that showed her ability to think conceptually. Remember when she said she was having a hard time remembering verb conjugations in isolation? It’s because there was no context. She needs them to be in a sentence and even in a story in order for them to be easier to remember.

AS: I get the examples. But I’m just not sure how to use this skill to improve my life?

PA: Look. Just like everything else in life … awareness, physical growth, the changing of the seasons … learning this skill is a process. It unfolds one breath, one glance, one thought at a time. Be easy on yourself and start trusting that there is a bigger picture going on that will be revealed to you as you need it. Being able to think conceptually releases you from the fear that comes with only being able to see out the front windshield, side and rear window of your life. It frees you up to feel good more often than stressed. When you’re not obsessed with the idea that this has to happen, then that, then this, then that, etc. in a linear evolutionary process, you will see things that you could not have otherwise.

AS: Okay. So … 1) trust and start allowing more to unfold even if I can’t see it. 2) Understand that from my linear bi-ped view point I’m never going to be able to see the whole “parking lot” but that I have you, my Higher Self, checking out the view from above. 3) You’ll give me “signs”, which are really just internal whispers such as the urge to grab the handrail as I trip on the hem of my pants at the top of the stairs and the sudden impulse to turn down Sunset Street instead of Beverly. Is that Correct?

PA: Yup. We’re good for now.

AS: Well, gosh Parking Angel … I mean … H. S. Thanks so much for your time. I’ll be sure to publish this post. I get the feeling many interested people are going to read it. Waaaait a second  … was that what you were talking just now with that “feeling” thing you mentioned? Am I getting it??

Parking Angel?

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