What's the Toughest Thing to Learn About Turning Thoughts to Things?

The toughest thing about turning thoughts to things is …

understanding the critical importance your emotional awareness plays in the PROCESS of making an idea manifest. If you’ve seen the movie, The Secret (and loved it) but still struggle to make what the presenters told you real—for you, you’re really going to like this post.

You have, at your very disposal right now as you read this, the most complex guidance system there is in the universe to turning thoughts to things. Turning thoughts to things means … taking an idea and turning it into an experience, a result, a tangible taste it, touch it, see it, hear it, smell it experience.

Even with all this incredible manifestation power, I see people struggle with this idea daily. They give me the head tilt and the eye brow raise, the questioning look. It feels almost unnatural to believe that the first step to faster achievement is not physical action.

Hold up, for a moment. My Dad told me to “get off my butt”, is typically what people are thinking. “I don’t understand, Allison. You’re saying action is later in the process of making things real?” 

Yes, it’s actually step 5. There are 4 other critical things you need to do first. (I will cover the entire step-by-step process in a different post.)

I facilitated a live workshop last night (9/29/15) called Visualization Mastery 101: Turning Thoughts To Things In 30 Days or Less at Infinity Foundation. Infinity Foundation is “the Chicago area’s leading holistic education center. Infinity offers Courses For Life®, providing you with experiential courses in personal, professional, and spiritual growth to enhance your life.” (That’s the description on their website.)

The workshop description said, “Designed for the chronic procrastinator who is finally ready for things to change, Visualization Mastery 101 teaches the #1 skill you must master in order to effectively and efficiently turn your desires into experiences.

That #1 skill is: how to interpret and utilize your emotional guidance system … so you can detemine your next best move in any given moment. I explained that in order to turn a thought to a thing faster you must remove resistance. Emotional resistance, more precisely.

We think the lack of money, having no business connections, no formal education or not picking the right major in college, not being in the right social circles, not having the “right” physical appearance and other physical obstacles are the problems. They are NOT. Thinking that way is not helping you. Stop it.

We tend to doubt getting what we want faster could be this simple. We’re taught we must “work hard” (which is code for strain, stress and struggle) in order to create change in our realities. That’s not to say there isn’t work involved in creating a result you want, there is. It’s just that when you’re having fun, or doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work.

We’ve been trained to believe that in order for our physical realities to change faster we have to do something first—move my body like this, take this class, swallow this pill, get the right job, please the boss, do 100 jumping jacks, eat more veggies, etc. and then I’ll get my result. It’s the classic cause and effect equation.

But really a manifestion becomes real by causing an effect. It’s the end results of a thinking, feeling, acting cycle. Happy is a “positive” emotion in that it’s expansive. It’s observable effect is one based on attraction, or perception, more than anything else. It’s an energy that expands as opposed to “negative” which is contractive, separative, in effect. Peace movements unite; wars separate.

Inspired action is critical, yes, but when you’re trying to rearrange physical reality with tons of action to compensate for internal discomfort, things go slower. You will take action, yes, it’s part of the success formula.

But if you want things to move faster outside, you must first work on the stuff inside. You’d never go to the mirror and try to force your reflection to smile, would you? No, you would smile and watch the reflection mimic what you did.

Reality is reflecting what’s going on inside of you in everything from the flavor of your toothpaste, the color of your hair, the amount of money in your bank account and the condition of your relationship with your mother. Science has proven this with Unified Field Theory and the observer effect.

One of the women at the workshop asked about procrastination. She wanted a list of things to do, a process she could follow that would transform her procrastination into something more pleasing. What do I DO to get the things I need done faster?? she asked. Another participant needed to make a call to her insurance company and kept putting it off.

First, you get happy. Then, take action. When you do this, you will realize (make real for you) that the time it takes for you to do things when you follow this recipes shortens. In other words, thoughts turn to things faster.

(What an annoying thing for me to say, right? It doesn’t feel like a satisfying answer for most.)

The “cure” for procrastination is simple. Do the thing you’ve been avoiding. Pick up the phone and make the call. Fold the laundry. Pay your bills. Finally talk to your brother. Go to spin class. Do the homework. Get up on time.

If procrastination was about the action, this lovely woman would have made the call a long time ago. Her arms, ears and mouth were working just fine.

The issue of this “to do” item taking a long time for her was not her ability the make the call; it was a hiccup in her thinking, feeling, action cycle. She had resistance to making the call for some reason and the excuse was procrastination. Procrastination, which is a time based concept, is not the problem. It’s a symptom of a negative belief.

If you had a pain in your neck, you could take an anti-inflammatory drug (action). The pain would go down but you’d still have to solve the core problem or the pain will come back. It might be a pain in your neck or a pain in your toe. You’d think it was a different problem because your toe is your toe and your neck it all the way up here. Couldn’t be the same thing, right?

Telling her to pick up the phone (action) is the anti-inflammatory drug in this analogy. It may solve the issue for the moment and provide temporary relief but it didn’t solve the underlying problem.

If you’ve got a challenge you’d like resolved, and you’d like it to get better in 30 days or less, go to the source of the problem (thinking and feeling).

Ask yourself,

What would I need to believe to be true about myself, in relation to this situation, in order to feel the way I do?

When this lovely woman avoids (action) picking up the phone to call the insurance company, I guarantee there’s a corresponding emotion present that is uncomfortable. (We tend to avoid discomfort at all cost.)

So, for you, dear Chicagonow Readers, what’s the challenge you’d like resolved in the next 30 days? (Go to my FB page for this blog and let me know. Writing a blog is good fun; talking with you is even better!)

Do you want to more money? Be recognized for your gifts and talents? Get rid of that pain in your neck? Improve your relationship with a partner, co-worker or child? Find more consistent ease and satisfaction in your day to day life?

I love this converation we’re having. I get to have it all the time with people who want to “get things done” faster, but also want to expand their own self-awareness and self-worth. Everytime I have it, I find a new way to explain the creation process to  “work the kinks out of” the challenges we all face.

At the risk of sounding redundant, let’s touch on the idea presented in the blog title again.

The first (and toughest) step is: to become more and more aware of what’s happening INTERNALLY AND move up the emotional scale of resonance regarding the subject in question … which is the thing that’s giving you the biggest pain in your ass. (Image included for your ease of understanding.)


I know, I know … that feels like the slow road because we’re trained to jump into action and do lots of stuff in order to make the most significant change.

But here’s the deal. I’m not an ordinary practitioner and I don’t teach the way everyone else does. I won’t just let you put a bandaid on your problems with uninspired or ineffective action. Those days are over. Out with the old, in with the new.

I want to teach you a system to follow allowing more ease in solving any challenge you have from here on out—faster. I want to help you reconnect with YOUR guidance system (not mine, not your mother’s, not your spouse’s or partner’s) and give you steps to feel happy while solving ANY challenge that comes your way, now and forever.

Thoughts? Questions?

If you’re like so many, and need an action step for today, pay attention (which is an action) to what’s happening in your mind while you’re walking about your day. What emotions correspond to those mental movies? You can never out perform your beliefs so it’s good to know what they are and change the ones that limit. Emotion IS the first real manifestation in the process of turning thoughts to things, anyway. Is there anything more real than how you FEEL!?!

Until next time …

P.S. If you have ever have any questions about this material or you just want to continue this conversation, please join me on my Facebook page for this blog at Facebook: Live. Love. Matter

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