Understanding This One Idea Makes Parenting So Much Easier

What’s that one idea? They’re not here to please us; they’re here for their own journey and exploration. Parenting can be confusing, at times. They obviously need us to 1. be conceived and 2. live past a certain age. This level of support is intense and can cause some confusion as to what the role... Read more »

10 Reasons Why You Can Never Make a Wrong Decision in Life

The original author of this list is unknown. It’s called Rules for Being Human. To give credit where credit is due, if you’re the creator of this list, please stand up. I want to shake your hand. The idea that I’m making the wrong, or a bad, decision in life is paralyzing. It has held... Read more »

How to Make the Right Decision for You (When You Seriously Doubt Yourself).

“Good Morning, Sofia! Thanks for bringing your violin downstairs. Today is Wednesday—orchestra at school.” my voice is upbeat. “I hate Wednesdays! I hate violin!” Sofia is very clearly disgruntled. She’s frowning and mad. This has been the tone of the conversation on Wednesday mornings and about practicing violin for a few months now. Sofia decided,... Read more »

Transformed: How To Be More Transparent About the Real You—A Series (#2)

2016 is a year that will be what we make of it … just like any other year. So, what will we make of it? I’d like to suggest that 2016 be the Year of Transformation. This option is open to anyone who wants it. You’re not required to do, be or have anything in... Read more »

5 Reasons New Year's Resolutions Don't Work (and what to do instead!)

New Year’s Resolutions run rampant this time of year. We get all jazzed up about making changes we haven’t succeeded in making in the past. Do we have good intentions? Yes, I believe our hearts are in the right place but what makes you think this year will be the year you’ll lose the weight,... Read more »

You've got a big decision to make. You're scared and confused. Now what?

If you’ve spent any time as a human, you’ve been faced with making “big”decisions. “Big” typically means emotionally challenging. Making decisions in the face of fear and doubt is hard. But why, and what, are we fearing and doubting? Typically it’s the unknown. We hate the unknown. It causes us to cower and make ourselves... Read more »

Does Getting Rid of Doubt Sound Interesting to You? Try This.

If you’re human and being honest with yourself, you’ve felt doubt at some point in your life. It might have been when you were three years-old, two weeks ago, yesterday or right now. Humans doubt because we don’t understand the creative process—how thoughts turn to things, how outcomes come to be. Maybe your parents were... Read more »

7 Practical Steps to Following Your Bliss (in 3 minutes or less).

Living your ideal life simply means doing what you love. If you’re doing what you love in any given moment of the day, then ideally … you’re living your best life. You’re follow your bliss. Is there any other way to live? These 7 practical steps put you on that path. You can even master... Read more »

Feeling Blah Lately? 9 Easy Steps to Rediscover Excitement

Living with passion is your divine right. Life’s supposed to be fun. But not everyday feels as exciting as it could. This is not because the average day does not contain exciting events. It’s more likely you’ve just never been given the proper steps to uncover it. These 9 easy steps will help you live... Read more »

What Does it (Really) Mean to Be Your True Self?

You’ve probably heard the phrase Be Your True Self at some point in life—especially if you’re interested in self-help or personal development material. But what does that really mean—be your True Self. In The Power of Focused Attention introduction, I suggest you burn your bridges once you cross them. Counter to traditional logic, I encourage you... Read more »