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50 Thoughts: Thank you, Judge Kavanaugh

Thank you, Judge Kavanaugh. I needed a reminder that as a woman, my recollection of past events is suspect, but a man’s memory is never to be questioned. That as a woman, if I drink at a party, that immediately disqualifies any statement I may make about that party, but … men like beer. That... Read more »

50 Thoughts: On Stories Never Told

I thought when I started my 50-day blog challenge, it would be really hard because, honestly, I’m a pretty open book. There’s not much I haven’t already shared my two cents about. But along the way, it seems there’s always been something to write about. Then, tonight, my blogging community leader threw out our monthly... Read more »

50 Thoughts: On the Importance of Guilty Pleasures

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest something that everyone believes but no one wants to admit. “Urban Cowboy” is one of the best movies ever. I’ve got more than a handful of guilty pleasures, and that John Travolta/Debra Winger masterpiece is one of them. A guilty pleasure, as defined by... Read more »

50 Thoughts: An Open Letter to Congress

Dear (Our Do-Nothing) Congress, I’m just going to take a night out from my 50 Thoughts about life in general to direct a singular thought in your direction. You are failing. Yep, I’m a tree-hugging liberal Democrat that believes in a woman’s right to choose, equal access to the best public education has to offer,... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Embrace Your Subversive Side - Read a Banned Book

50 Thoughts: Embrace Your Subversive Side - Read a Banned Book
In my fantasy, parallel, everything-is-cupcakes-and-butterflies universe, this week would have long since been archived as an unecessary holiday. But these days, it feels more important than ever. It’s Banned Books Week. In its 36th year, Banned Books Week celebrates the literature that has been most divisive in communities across the United States. In most cases,... Read more »

50 Thoughts: The Kids Are All Right

Really, they’re going to be OK. I know — pretty rich advice coming from the High Priestess of Anxiety Moms on the heels of a blog post about hypocrisy. Physician, heal thyself. It’s Homecoming Weekend for my youngest — and it’s the last. Her senior year. As I sat in the stands at the football... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Girl Power

I’m running way late tonight, but I have a good reason. Nothing beats a night out with girlfriends. It was a last-minute thing, a casual invite to the high school football game. It’s Homecoming weekend, after all. Four hours and three girlfriends later, I’m finally in front of the computer. The timing’s off, but I wouldn’t... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Hypocrisy, Much?

Sitting at my daughter’s swim meet tonight, a friend and I were talking about recent doctor’s appointments. Me: Yeah, my cholesterol has shot up. I gave up bread for awhile, but I really have to focus on that again. And I’ve given up candy. I’m working on cutting back on my sugar. Me, 5 minutes... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Anger Comes Second

One of the best, yet least applied (because I am human and it’s really hard sometimes), life lessons I’ve been handed came from a parenting effectiveness training class back when my two boys were till in preschool. It’s been more than a few years, but the main takeaway was this — that when it comes... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Humor is My Sixth Sense

Sight, scent, sound, smell and touch. The five senses by which the average person makes their way through the universe. And if you have all five about you, enjoy it while it lasts – a 2016 Newsweek article says 94 percent of adults lose at least one, if not more, sense as they age. I... Read more »