About LitzyDitz

Do you love to read? So do I. Do you ever find yourself at a book club meeting toting the box wine and sitting in the corner because you don't have the slightest clue what the existential meaning of and possible metaphor for the lawyer's dog in "My Sister's Keeper" is? Well, bonus points for you because I haven't even joined a club.

This blog started as a simple email to friends each New Year's Day—the books I read during the previous year, the ones I thought were good the one I thought you could skip. Now? I just tell people what I think right away. You're a busy beaver, and if I can help you find the 2, 3, or 4 books a year you may have time for, I consider that mission accomplished.

One thing of note—I have no problem bashing an accomplished author when it's deserved (Case in point? John Grisham's "The Associate." Gawd, that was awful.) However, I respect the process of writing too much to ever tear down a newbie. If I read a book by a new author that I like, I'll spread the gospel. If I don't, well ... I won't.

Thoughts? Book ideas? Want to tell me what you think offline? You can email me at litzyditz@gmail.com