50 Thoughts: The Book is Always Better

50 Thoughts: The Book is Always Better

Believe it or not, I’m still squeezing in some reading time.

Proof positive — I posted a review on Ohio, by Stephen Markley. It was amazing. I compel you to read it.

Centered around the lives of kids-turned-grownups in a small Midwestern town, I riffed about about those high school days and what we all, in a sense, go through. But I felt it necessary to point out that in no way was my high school experience like that of the characters in that book. (Really, Mom, I promise I am not a drug addict.)

My life in that respect isn’t much different than the book lover’s adage, “The book was better.”

Ohio was a thrill ride of sorts in how the author introduces readers to the kids that inhabit his pages, and for a sleepy Ohio town, they attacked life hard. My high school days were positively angelic compared to this crew. In terms of excitement, yep — the book was better.

But isn’t it always?

I know, I know … Nicole Kidman was amazeballs in Big Little Lies. Gone Girl was thrilling, even if Ben Affleck is kinda skeevy. Marlon Brando IS The Godfather. Harry Potter, I get it. But for every movie or TV fan, there’s a legion of book zealots ready to shut you down. I am almost always on that side of the fight, with my tub of popcorn. The one and only place I deviate, and only because I haven’t read the books, YET, is “Game of Thrones.” Which is why I laugh every time I see this pop up on someone’s social media feed (NOTE:VERY NSFW):

I could probably go into a list of a zillion reasons why books are better, but ultimately, for me it’s about really getting to know the story and the characters on a far deeper level than movies can ever explore. I still haven’t forgiven the Harry Potter franchise for being so dismissive of Percy and Bill Weasley.

And with that, I’m off to get up close and personal with Bob Woodward’s portrait of the Trump presidency. A guy that admittedly I wish we didn’t have to get ot know at all, but I am also a sucker for the horror genre.

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Day 5: Take A Knee at the Altar of Common Sense Book Recommendation: How Not to Be a Dick

Day 6: Perspective is the Gift That Keeps on Giving Book Recommendation: A Fine Balance

Day 7: The Accidental Editor Book Recommendation: Theft by Finding: Diaries (1977 – 2002)

Day 8: The First Last of the Firsts Book Recommendation: The Little Book of Hygge

Day 9: All Kinds of Tired Book Recommendation: Believer

Day 10: Overthinking is Anxiety’s Bitchy Best Friend Book Recommendation: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

Day 11: Where Would You go with a Wayback Machine? Book Recommendation: A Little Life

Day 12: Fall in my Favorite Chicago

Day 13: On Having It All Book Recommendation: Lean In

Day 14: Where Were You When … Book Recommendation: The Nix

Day 15: 5 Things to Purge Before you Turn 50 Book Recommendation: The Art of Tidying Up

Day 16: A Labor Day Salute to Bad Bosses Everywhere Book Recommendation: Steve Jobs

Day 17: Do You Validate?  Book Recommendation: Less 

Day 18: Identity Crisis Code Purple Book Recommendation: Amp’d

Day 19: Character Really Does Count Book Recommendation: Believer

Day 20: Death Before Public Speaking Book Recommendation: The Gifts of Imperfection

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Day 22: Calling BS on “Sticks and Stones” Book Recommendation: Love Warrior

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Day 24: Self-Help Books Aren’t Half Bad  Book Recommendation: The Book of Joy

Day 25: Going for Gratitude Book Recommendation: The Gratitude Diaries

Day 26: Past Self Meets Future Self Book Recommendation: A Wrinkle in Time

Today’s recommendation: There’s a ton of books-that-became-movies on my list, but I still prefer the print version of Big Little Lies.

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