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50 Thoughts: Where Were You When ...

Pushing 50, it seems almost impossible to believe it’s been 21 years since Princess Diana died. Even worse, it’s impossible to believe she was only 36. I’ll always know how long it’s been since she died because I was pregnant with my middle at the time, and gave birth just a few weeks after the... Read more »

50 Thoughts: On Having It All (Come Together or Fall Apart - You Pick)

Also titled, “The Million Little Lies Women Tell Themselves to Get Through the Day without a Stiff Drink.” This 50-day memoir of sorts wouldn’t be complete without an ode to the cultural shift that started in the decade we mid-lifers were born — the 60s — and that has continued to evolve into the more... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Fall in my Favorite Chicago

No lie, I’ve always been a summer girl. I grew up and have always resided somewhere in the Midwest. Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois. Now that you know this, you’ll understand why winter doesn’t even place a distant fourth. It’s Summer, Fall, Spring and that twilight period between summer and fall when old... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Where Would You Go with a Wayback Machine?

I suppose it’s normal to do some reflecting when you are staring down your 50th birthday. Things you’ve done, places you’ve been, ages you’ve lived. That kind of thing. Interestingly, I haven’t thought too much about it, at least specifically. Scenes from the past float in and out of my brain on a daily basis,... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Overthinking is Anxiety's Bitchy Best Friend

There are so many things to meditate about when it comes to a list of crap I want to stop doing moving into my next decade. Overthinking is near the top of the list. Some days, I just hate my brain. If the mood is right, I will overthink EVERYTHING. Fumbling an answer to “How... Read more »

50 Thoughts: All Kinds of Tired

It’s funny all the kinds of tired you can experience as you get older. When you were little, simple mental exhaustion was enough to warrant a nap in the middle of the school day. Kindergartening is TOUGH. All that stuff you need to remember — standing in a straight line, being quiet, sharing toys with classmates …... Read more »

50 Thoughts: The First Last of the Firsts ...

The thing about pushing 50 is you start to realize you’ve covered a lot of territory. It’s obvious, right? After all, YOU’RE 50. Of course. You been to school. You’ve dated. Maybe you’ve married. You’ve had kids. And unless you’re Janet Jackson or Brigitte Nielsen, the Terrible Twos are way way back in the rear... Read more »

50 Thoughts: The Accidental Editor

Do you ever travel through some part of your daily life and wonder (with apologies to David Byrne), “How did I get here?” I am part of a content marketing team at a large technology company. And there are some days where I walk from my desk, set in the middle of the current trendy... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Perspective is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

I was sitting outside at lunch today with two of my friends at work, enjoying the sunshine, when I started laughing suddenly at the conversation. We were discussing foot ailments. All I could think was that I have one foot in the grave, given I was talking about my feet. With friends. At lunch. Thanks,... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Take a Knee at the Altar of Common Sense

So I’m not exactly what you would call “religious.” This is not exactly shocking to my friends. What is shocking? When I cop to teaching Sunday School for a few years back when the kids were elementary-aged. They find it not just shocking but wildly amusing. It’s not THAT much of a stretch, if you... Read more »