Last-Minute Mother's Day Reads

Last-Minute Mother's Day Reads

Headed out the door later this morning for a Mother’s Day brunch? Maybe a backyard BBQ? If you need to pick up a quick gift for a mom in your life or just want to provide thematic color to the inevitable “Whatcha been reading?” small talk, I’ve got a few suggestions that, serendipitously, have come across my radar most recently:


The Mothers by Brit Bennett

This is a quick read with an engrossing storyline, featuring mothers of all kinds. At the center of it all is 17-year-old Nadia Turner, a motherless mother without a child. There’s a lot to unpack in this novel, and well worth the long afternoon you’ll need to read it.


Motherprayer by Barbara Mahany

Looking for something to feed the spiritual side? Mahany’s essays on her experiences with motherhood are insightful reminders that speak to what is holy about mothering and is a journey that binds everyone that sets on that path.


Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson

Izzy, like Nadia, is also a teen faced with a decision about motherhood, and hers is the opposite. That said, it remains an extremely complicated choice, and one Izzy turns over in her mind again and again — the choice to become part of a “perfect family” experiment that only goes to prove there is no such thing.

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