Book Review: Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

Book Review: Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

Two books in, and one thing is clear—David Arnold knows grieving kids well.

Arnold’s latest is “Kids of Appetite,” a followup to one of my favorites in the last few years, “Mosquitoland.” Both involve teens mourning the loss of a parent, and both involve journeys of self-discovery. Full disclosure: I lost my biological father just before I turned 12. So for me, Arnold’s characters are especially easy with which to relate.

Like KOA’s lead, Vic Benucci, my family too had our dad’s ashes at home for a long time. And, like Vic, I found them impossible to touch. And yes, like Vic,my tween/teen self had a hard time watching life march forward. So, when Vic storms out of the house, his father’s ashes in tow, when his mother is proposed to by her new boyfriend, it wasn’t a stretch for me to believe that yes, that does happen.

And that’s where Vic’s journey begins and Arnold’s story takes off.

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