Who Makes You Feel Special? You Do.

“Write about a time somebody made you feel special.”

Pfft. Sometimes our monthly blogging group exercises feel more like therapy. And what is typically a one-hour writing exercise is more like 10 minutes in this case, as I got caught up in a phone conversation. But here goes:

I can’t think of one.

That’s not a pity party invite. It’s not a condemnation of the people that surround me every day that love and support me. I think it’s more a reflection of what I believe to be true. No one is more responsible for one’s own self-worth than one’s self.

My birthday’s coming up. For sure, every note on Facebook and birthday greeting will ring special. One of my boys’ birthday was yesterday. He texted me he loved me. Of course that made me feel special. My daughter told me, perhaps jokingly, that one of her male friends at school said I was his favorite mom. This, I said, was because I had already pre-approved his eventual marriage proposal. Still, it was a special moment.

All these things are great. But at the end of the day, what really counts is what I say or do for myself to feel valued.

  • I read so that I can enjoy conversations with friends about the books we all love.
  • I work so that I can feel special about contributing in a meaningful manner to the financial support of our family.
  • I go to school meetings and watch over homework and make myself available every day so that I can contribute meaningfully to my kids’ lives.
  • I visit with friends so that I can feed not just their souls, but to fill up my well at the same time.
  • I love so that I can feel loved.

Look no further than a mirror to feel special. We are all worthy, right?

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