A Book Lover's Thanksgiving Blessing

A Book Lover's Thanksgiving Blessing

You know that awkward moment at Aunt Marge’s Thanksgiving table, when you are asked to share something for which you are thankful? This one is for all the bibliophiles out there:

I am thankful for books.

I’m thankful for the new book smell of an independent book store and the old book smell of a library.

For the diversity of authors, genres and stories told between the pages. For drama, for fantasy, for the honest-to-goodness storytelling that transforms a true story into a memoir, biography or historical bestseller.

For the dialogue starters books can be, going so far as to open conversations up to include movie fans that want to dissect film adaptations of favorite reads.

For the knowledge books impart and the escape they often provide.

For the breadth and depth of accessibility, not just in their physical nature, but in their design, so that those that struggle with disabilities can still enjoy a good story.

For the new and differing perspectives they offer, for not just new societal issues, but age-old conflicts as well.

For the emotions they evoke, both subtle and intense.

And for their uncanny ability to create new friendships, rekindle old ones and bridge differences.

So when at the Thanksgiving table this afternoon, when someone says, “Thanks, Obama” and another says, “Trump is on to something,” … all you need to say is “Did you read “Girl on the Train?” Then sit back and enjoy …

Thanks be to all of you, my book loving friends, on this day and into the new year.

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