World Gratitude Day: My mental thank you notes

World Gratitude Day: My mental thank you notes

I’ll admit it. I could be better at the gratitude thing.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate my lot in life, but it’s also really easy to work a negative groove. Especially when life’s stresses seem to make up the majority of a day—working, taking care of kids, trying to nurture a marriage, paying bills, making time for exercise, doctor’s appointments, school conferences, swim meets, soccer games, grocery store runs, changing the catbox, walking the dog … all of it.

So often, the things for which we should be most grateful are also the monkeys on our backs—the very things that prompt snark instead of smiles.

I don’t know about you, but gratitude can be very hard work. When the business of the day to day piles on, it can be damn near impossible to find the sunny side of life, or a glass half-full. And it’s often so much easier to commiserate with the complainers than to fly your freak flag with those that always seem so unnaturally happy. Smiling all damn day, humming at work, talking about how awesome the weather is, about how, sure, the commute was 2 hours long, but there was the BEST music on the radio, posting about how gratefully grateful they are on Facebook and Tweeting happy face emojis every blessed day.

But for those people, I am grateful. It’s because of you I am reminded that life is good. Raising kids? Incredibly hard. Being a parent? Incredibly gratifying. Working full time and juggling a house and kids and a life? Challenging. Being employed? Thankful for the opportunity to help provide for that house and kids and life.

So, in honor of those friends of mine who practice gratitude so well and make it look so easy, I’ve got a few thank you notes to write on World Gratitude Day:

  • Thank you, Cubbies for making this baseball season an exciting little respite in the middle of hectic days and nights.
  • Thank you, Miss Barista, for intuitively knowing I needed a venti instead of a grande today.
  • Thank you, Emmy voters, for giving Game of Thrones some love this year.
  • Thank you, September sunshine, for making the transition to fall a little less traumatic.
  • Thank you, Universe, for blessing my kids with incredible smiles—smiles that serve as in-your-face reminders, even when I am frustrated with them, that I am so damn lucky to have them.
  • Thank you to my mother-in-law for raising a good boy that became a great man and an even better husband and father.
  • And thank you to my book-lovin’ friends that get just as geeked out about a new book release as some people do about the Kardashians.

I blather about books. In fact, I’ve even blathered about ones that are about being grateful. Looking for inspiration? Try:

Slowing Time

The Book of Unknown Americans

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

Far From the Tree

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