Summer Book Review: A Little Life

Summer Book Review: A Little Life

Go get yourself a copy of “A Little Life,” by Hanya Yanagihara. I may owe my library the cost of the book in late fees, but it was worth it.

This epic, 700+ page novel asks readers to join the inner circle of friendship that is:

Willem, an aspiring actor with nondescript past as the son of a Wyoming ranchhand, detached from any real emotion about his family, saving Hemming, his older, disabled brother;

JB, an aspiring artist, righteous about his talent and indignant of pretty much everyone else’s;

Malcom, an aspiring architect from a wealthy family, unsure of what is more important—his happiness or his father’s; and

Jude, an aspiring litigator with an absolutely horrific past, positive the only thing true about him is that he is undeserving of the one thing he craves most—love.

You can read the entire review here.


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