5 books for summer beach bags

5 books for summer beach bags

Well, sure. Right after we finish our winter reading list, right?

Summer is traditionally a great time to hit the books—fiction, nonfiction, memoir … here are five suggestions that’ll have you at the top of your “Oh, I already read that and found it absolutely sublime” game at your next wine-oh-I-mean-book-club:


Finders Keepers (Stephen King)

Out June 2, the followup to last summer’s “Mr. Mercedes” finds Bill Hodges, Jerome Robinson and Holly Gibney in the middle of another murder mystery as they look to protect the finder of an unpublished novel from the the person who stole it in the first place.


The Wright Brothers (David McCullough)

Available now, this is the nonfiction entry for the summer that will make you sound smart at your next neighborhood fete or book club meeting. McCullough writes with such detail, it’s clear from the get go how much research he puts into his work. The Wright Brothers is the epitome of an American success story, and at its heart, two boys who loved to READ.


Go Set a Watchman (Harper Lee)

A must-read this summer, the July release of this novel isn’t without some controversy—Harper Lee was once famous for publicly stating she’d never write another. True to her word, this book is purported to have been written prior to “To Kill a Mockingbird” but focuses on Scout years after her father’s famous courtroom drama. Can’t wait. (Note to self: Re-read TKAM now.)


In the Unlikely Event (Judy Blume)

I’ve been salivating for this June release since it was announced last fall—Blume’s books were the stuff modern childhood was made of, and her adult fiction is equally entertaining and moving. This particular tale centers on Miri Ammerman returning to her Jersey roots and reminiscing about her 1950s childhood.


Badlands (CJ Box)

Girl power in uniform! Here’s your second summer thriller—North Dakota deputy sheriff Cassie Dewell takes on money, drugs and gangs in oil-rich Grimstad, where some of the town’s darkest secrets may be held by one of its most unsuspecting residents, 12-year-old Kyle Westergaard.

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