Disease, Dysfunction, Despair: Five Days Left

Disease, Dysfunction, Despair: Five Days Left

Given the recent passing of Death With Dignity advocate Brittany Maynard, the timing of this read was somewhat cathartic.

Maynard garnered national attention for her decision to end her life on her own terms—not giving the brain cancer that was killing her the last say. In author Julie Lawson Timmer’s debut, Five Days Left, one of two central characters also makes the decision to die, forced that direction by a Huntington’s Disease diagnosis that has decimated 42-year-old Mara Nichols’ life. Once an active hardworking wife and mother of baby Laks, Mara is now tormented by a body that has gone to war with her in ways she can’t accept as becoming the norm over the course of the next several year, before death finally releases her.

The difference her is that she keeps her plan to exit to herself, knowing her husband, her parents and her friends will attempt to talk her out of it.

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