How To Build a Girl: Dreams of Future Past

How To Build a Girl: Dreams of Future Past

Caitlin Moran’s “How to Build a Girl” is certain to poke a stick in those old dreams and wishes. The ones you had when you were just 14 years old, convinced you’d never be kissed, that your parents would always embarrass you, and that your sibs were roadblocks to any future success coming your way.

Johanna Morrigan spends her teen years in early 90s Wolverhampton, England, struggling with, well, being 14 in Wolverhampton. She’s discovered the pleasures of self-pleasure and is convinced she must lose her virginity before something in her body breaks. But that’s a tall order when you’re on benefits, your dad is an alcoholic wannabe musician, your mother has post-partum depression and you’re just not cool at all.

When a slip of the tongue means she may have axed her family’s government check … you can read the rest of the review here.

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