On Anniversaries: 23 Reasons I'll Never Leave My Guy

On Anniversaries: 23 Reasons I'll Never Leave My Guy

Twenty-three years.

With this anniversary, it’s official. Mr. Litzy has been a part of my life longer than I existed without this magnificent soulmate.

That seems strange to say. Yet reminders of time passing fly at me every day. Whether it’s our oldest son’s graduation from high school, the sad, sad reality that is a remake of “About Last Night” or a co-worker telling me he was born the year the Challenger exploded (Dude, I was bombing a Physics exam that day), the pages of the calendar seem to be falling at my feet faster than ever before.

So on this occasion of 23 years in business, in this partnership—Konrad, Ltd.—I offer up 23 reasons I’m never going to leave this guy. If I were to offer any kind of marriage advice, it would be this—make a list. Often times, there’s far more good going on than you realize.

1. He always rolls over when I ask, without complaining.

2. More often than not, he’ll make breakfast on the weekends.

3. He comes home every night without fail.

4. There’s never any commentary on my lack of style or lack of makeup. I suppose I could try harder, but we’re comfortable and I’m thankful. High heels are the work of the devil.

5. I can drink straight from the bottle and he still thinks I’m classy.

A girl with class doesn't need a glass.

A girl with class doesn’t need a glass.

6. He watches “Property Brothers” with his tween daughter because he wants to.

7. He’s a good kisser.

8. OK, so I don’t hear the angels singing when I cook, but he never complains.

9. What? I would really try to do this on my own? Riiight.

10. It’s because of him that the kids have been exposed to so much culture and that other stuff that isn’t reality TV and anything 80s. Left to my own devices, all the kids would be able to do is recite every line from Anchorman. (Not that that’s a bad thing. There’s not much funnier than throwing down Will Ferrell quotes with your 16-year-old.)

11. He makes a good cup of coffee.

12. When I say I’m going out for a drink with the girls, he knows that either I, or one of them, is in desperate need, and gladly sends me on my way.

13. He puts up with my occasionally insane schedule, and will only put the brakes on to remind me that I need to learn to say “no” once in a while.

14. He is insanely committed to the ideal that integrity counts for something. And because of that, I know he’ll never stray.

15. His family comes first. Always.

23 years after taking the vows.

23 years after taking the vows.

16. Our home would have to pretty much be prepping for a very special episode of “Hoarders” before he would say something about my housecleaning schedule, or lack thereof.

17. He doesn’t care if dinner sometimes isn’t on the table before 8:30 at night, or occasionally not at all. Sometimes a hot dog or chips and salsa is all you need.

18. I’m pretty sure he knows I have a Starbucks addiction, but he is gracious about it.

19. His leadership in our business’ finance department can sometimes make me a little crazy—but we both are rocking kickass credit scores so I can’t complain.

20. He’s pretty darn good about taping my crazy shows on the DVR.

21. He’s the Yin to my Yang—just when I think I can’t handle something, he’s there to work the problem.

22. I still think he’s smokin’ hot and freakin’ hilarious.

23. He’s never left my side—even through some kick-in-the-gut experiences, it’s never felt like it would be easier to throw in the towel. And believe you me, there have been more than a few instances when those less committed would have.

That’s not to say we are better or tougher than those that do throw in the towel. I recently had a dear friend tell me she was getting divorced. I told her she was brave, and I meant it. There are far too many people that settle for mediocrity, or accept a lesser existence, because it’s easier than doing the tough, tough work of splitting up. And there are many days where life DOES feel mediocre. The trick is in differentiating what is just a moment in time, a singular event, or a phase that is sure to pass, and what is integral to your relationship.

There’s a lot that I could say, but I will leave it at this. It’s easy to love when life is good. But even in our lowest moments, I know I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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