Landline: Would You Rewrite Your Future?

Landline: Would You Rewrite Your Future?


In Rainbow Rowell’s “Landline,” Georgie McCool doesn’t get a glimpse of what her life could have been—but she is offered up a chance to rewrite her past and its future. This book is less YA, like “Eleanor & Park” and “Fangirl,” and more women’s contemporary fiction, akin to “Attachments.” A teen could easily read this—but might not get as much out of the subject matter at hand, a marriage on the edge of collapse.

I should preface my review with an upfront recommendation—I might not agree with a book’s characters or its story arc, but I’m not the author. Any book that gets a visceral response out of me gets a recommendation because I LOVE books that provoke thought or even just plain piss me off. And “Landline” got a definite reaction out of me, so for that, read it and then tell me I’m wrong.

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