Best Books for the Beach: Summer Reading

Best Books for the Beach: Summer Reading

With the start to summer here, it’s time to grab a book and get busy. There’s so much to read, you’ll need just about every spare moment. And if you just don’t have that much time, this quick list will help you pick the perfect read. Without further ado, the Best Books for the Beach 2014:

Big Little Lies
Liane Moriarty


Due out at the end of July, Big Little Lies follows on the heels of “The Husband’s Secret,” a kickass tale of what happens when you try to bury the past and your wife finds out. I can’t wait to read what Moriarty has up her sleeve with Madeline, Celeste and Jane—three women sorting our life crises of their own (you know … divorce, second wives, perfect lives …) as each of their paths cross. Pssst! Liane Moriarty is in town this weekend! Catch her at Old Orchard on Saturday, May 31, or Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville on June 1.

Dante’s Poison
Lynne Raimondo


Chicagoan Lynne Raimondo follows up her debut novel, “Dante’s Wood,” with an excellent sophomore effort featuring reluctant amateur detective and professional head doc, Mark Angelotti. While the first mystery had him grappling with newfound blindness, this story has him grappling with the possibility of getting his sigh back. Oh, and solving crimes. Yeah, that too.

All Fall Down
Jennifer Weiner


Weiner’s work is perfect summer fare, but be warned—this novel, due June 17, comes with a heavier message than others—women and prescription drug abuse. Can her central character—Allison, a mom with a seemingly perfect marriage, family and life—bounce back when her dependency on a litte pill becomes too much to handle?

The Actress
Amy Sohn


I so loved Amy Sohn’s batshit crazy characters in “Motherland“that I am practically jumping out of my seat waiting for the July 1 publication date. Actress Maddy Freed may just be taking on the role of a lifetime when she marries leading man Steven Weller. The teaser description had me at “red carpets and ruthless ambition.” Woot!

Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands
Chris Bohjalian


Of course I will recommend anything by Bohjalian, because I’ve enjoyed or adored everyone of his books. Hitting the shelves on July 8, this tale centers around a homeless, orphaned teen, whose father may have been responsible for a nuclear plant meltdown. Emily is trying desperately to escape her identity, but can she?

Shotgun Lovesongs
Nikolas Butler


Small town living takes center stage in this book that explores the friendships between a group of lifelong buddies. For some, success was found on the stage. For others, it resides in the same fields they grew up surrounded by. And it’s all about the bromance. A great read for guys and girls alike.

Mr. Mercedes
Stephen King


Who doesn’t like a summer heat wave with a side of awesome sauce from the master of suspense and blood-curdling horror? Mr. King is in the house on June 3.

Little Mercies
Heather Gudenkauf


Due out June 24, Gudenkauf’s latest centers on social worker Ellen Moore and her relationship with 10-year-old Jenny, who has taken to the streets to survive. I love Gudenkauf’s books, which I think are in the same suspenseful vein but a step up from the Jodi Picoult genre—taking off on a tangent from a real-life event and breathing life into complicated, well-rounded characters.

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