Summer Reading: 5 Books for Bad Moms

Summer Reading: 5 Books for Bad Moms

Chances are, if you see evidence of my bad mom-ness, there’s a book to blame.

Summer is the season of outdoor reading. At the pool, on the deck, in the bleachers at the kids’ ballgame … there’s no better time to lose yourself in someone else’s story. It’s also the season I am supposed to spend time with my kids. You know, those people I really wanted to make with my husband and we did and now I don’t even remember what we did before we had kids and wish I had paid better attention to what must have been some pretty bitchin’ “me” time.

I’ve got three kids—1.5 of whom are voracious readers. So, I occasionally get someone curled up on a pool lounger next to me. It may be my middle child reading Ozzy Osbourne’s autobiography for the umpteenth time, but hey—it’s reading. If you think my kids’ reading choices are somewhat suspect and the fact I don’t give a damn lazy, then you’ll love all the other summer reading-related ways I suck at this mom thing:

1. You scored the winning goal? Sorry, I was reading.

2. I was half an hour late picking you up from swim practice? Sorry, I was reading.

3. We’ve been out of milk for a week and water isn’t a suitable substitute for cereal? Sorry, I was reading.

4. The cat is stuck in the dryer? Sorry, I’m reading.

5. Wait a minute …

Are you jonesing for a book this summer? Here’s the article I wrote for the magazine I work at which’ll give you a few suggestions, or you can check out the last few I’ve read and reviewed:

The Love Song of Jonny Valentine: Great beach read about a Bieber-like pop star and his cray-cray mom.

Inferno: For mystery lovers. Robert Langdon is back.

One Step Too Far: Woman takes on new personality, new job, new life. Just what is she running from?

One Last Thing Before I Go: Aging rocker trying to make things right before he kicks the bucket. Really, it’s funny!

Dante’s Wood: Great mystery debut from Chicago-area author, Lynne Raimondo.

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