Book Review: Inferno a Ferocious but Fuzzy Read

Book Review: Inferno a Ferocious but Fuzzy Read

If only we could all use amnesia as an excuse for being forgetful.

And so it goes with Tom Hanks … I mean, Robert Langdon in Inferno, Dan Brown’s latest novel and the third in his series featuring the whipsmart art and symbology (I think I just made up a profession) professor. Hanks/Langdon has just woken up to find himself in a hospital with a gunshot graze to the head, not remembering a thing and stunned further to learn he’s in Italy.

The heavy religious overtones are not as readily at the forefront in this tale, instead focusing Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” (Yes, religious, but not to the same degree as “Da Vinci”) and “The Consortium”—an organization that assists its clients with whatever it is they desire to do—in this case, the ability to completely disappear for a year to complete a project. And until now … you can read the whole review here.

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