5 Hockey Movies with a Side of Cheese

5 Hockey Movies with a Side of Cheese

A girl can’t live on books alone.

Here’s where you learn something about me that you may or may not already know—I fancy myself a sports fan. Not so much that I can recite the ERA stats of the 1971 Chicago Cubs starting rotation, but enough that I can name some of the key players from the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers (Robin Yount! Paul Molitor! Ted Simmons! Coop! Rollie Fingers! Vuke!), the 2000 NCAA basketball champs (Mateen Cleaves! Mo Pete!) and the best goalie ever, a Mr. Eddie Balfour. My husband will tell you I have about 20 all-time favorite teams—and he’s right. Like a good book, I love the anticipation, the action, the drama, the emotion.

So yeah—I am a Chicago Blackhawks superfan. I’ve always loved the Hawks. I spent about 15 years in Red Wings territory, and my head about popped off my shoulders the day Cheli ended up in a Wings uniform while Probert was … just ugh. Dark days, I tell you.

So what’s a girl to do on those off nights when we can’t watch Kane, Toews, Hossa and Bickell (who knew!?!) go bad ass on their opponent? Watch cheesetastic hockey movies. And there are plenty to choose from. Here are 5 of the best—a couple that are pretty good, and several that are so bad, they’re good. Pop some popcorn and fire up the DVR:

Slap Shot
1977, R

Duh. Even poser fans know Slap Shot is one of the best sports movies ever. Reggie Dunlop is out to save his job and his team—and goes to crazy lengths to do it. It may not be Paul Newman’s signature role, but it’s one of his funniest.

2004, PG

I cry every time. Every time, damnit! When Coach tells Johnson he can play …. when Riz tells Coach he plays for the United States (even though this didn’t really happen) … when the buzzer sounds … kills me every time. As far as hockey movies go, this is the pick if you’re going for an emotional evening. USA! USA!

And now the cheese …

Mystery, Alaska
1999, R

I loves me some Burt Reynolds. And the movie does have its funny moments, being loosely based on a true story about a pond hockey team in Alaska. But Russell Crowe on skates? Ain’t nothing funny about that. Ouch.

1986, R

It’s a Rob Lowe/Patrick Swayze flick. And that’s all you need to know. I’m an ’80s girl. Sue me.

2011, R

Seann William Scott stars as a bouncer-turned-brawler in a movie that people either love or hate. No in-between on this one.

So there you go … and Go Hawks!

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