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Getting Old Sucks: Why I am Having A Tough Time With My Aging Parents

I had to step away from my blog for a couple of weeks. It’s good to be back. I had some pressing family matters, paid and volunteer writing gigs, and my Second City writing class that all pulled me in multiple directions. First things first, this blog post isn’t particularly funny or interesting. It’s more... Read more »

Getting Old Sucks: Why You Need To Get Long-Term Care Insurance A-Sap

My last Getting Old Sucks post was in regards to the importance of estate planning. Hopefully you are well on your way to having your will and health care directives ready to roll. Today I am tackling the sexy topic of long-term care insurance (LTC).   “What in the hell is LTC?” you might ask. LTC... Read more »

Getting Old Sucks: Why To Start Estate Planning With Your Parents

Thanks to Father Time and copious amounts of prescription drugs, people are living longer. But with longer lives, comes the potential for increased healthcare needs. One moment your parents seem relatively healthy, the next mom ends up hospitalized with pneumonia and her early onset dementia makes her think Chaka Khan is her nurse, and dad is... Read more »