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Humor Is A Subjective Biatch

One question I get asked a lot is, “Stacey, how did you get into comedy writing?” I wish I had a clear-cut cool person answer, but I don’t. After I had my third kiddo I knew I wanted to return to work, but I knew I didn’t want to do what I was doing in... Read more »

An Open Letter To The Person Standing Behind Me In An Exercise Class

Dear Person Standing Behind Me In An Exercise Class, First, I would like to commend you for standing behind me in an exercise class.   I typically stand in the back of the room. You are likely perched next to the exit door if you are behind me. I think it is wonderful you are choosing... Read more »

My Cringe-Worthy Mommy Moment

Have you ever had expectations and then the reality falls painfully short? Those times when you think back to that expectation and then what really happened, and you cringe. And by cringe I mean sitting in the corner of a room in the fetal position rocking back and forth until the horrible memory of what took... Read more »

A Few Fictional Characters I Wouldn't Mind Hanging Out With

Let’s say for shits and grins you were at a fictional event, maybe a wedding reception. Yes, a fictional wedding reception. Weddings are nice, cake is served, and people are happy, right? At this super fun fictional wedding reception you need to be seated at a table with a few fictional characters. Who would you... Read more »

Taking A Break From Decision Making

Do you ever feel like you are the primary decision maker in your family? That absolutely every decision made, is made by you, and only you? I for one have to make about one zillion decisions each and every day. I make decisions for myself, my husband, our three children, other family members, friends –... Read more »

Three Inspirational Things I Saw At A Middle School Debate

Tonight I attended my daughter’s middle school debate club culminating debate. The culminating debate would equate to a WWE SmackDown event in the debate world. I myself never participated in debate club in middle or high school. Hell, I don’t even know if there was a debate club in my middle or high schools. At... Read more »

Three Children’s Books I Am Ready to Retire

My oldest child is twelve, my youngest is four-I have been reading the same children’s books for a looooooong time. You come to a point in your life when you are ready to give up some of those books you have read one too many times. Here are three children’s books I am ready to... Read more »

A Few Qualities It Takes To Be A Grown-Up

I am not entirely sure when I became an adult. It could have been when I got my first real full-time job, maybe it was when I bought my first home, or it could have been when I had my first child. I don’t really know when you get the indelible “grown-up” label. However, there... Read more »

Worries of A Disheveled SAHM Who Lets Her Son Carry Stuffed Animals

Each month ChicagoNow bloggers are invited to participate in something called Blogapalooza. Bloggers are giving a topic to write about and have one hour to complete and post it. The December topic is to write about things you once worried about but don’t anymore. Here we go… When I was in my late 30’s, some... Read more »

Youthful Beliefs That Still Ring True

Once a month the ChicagoNow Community Manager comes up with a topic and the ChicagoNow bloggers are challenged to write and publish a post in one hour. Of course I am behind schedule. This was supposed to be posted by 10:00 PM, but an explosive diaper and another article deadline took priority. This month’s topic:... Read more »