Quiz: Test To See if You Are Halloween Savvy

Test your Halloween savvy. Match the big name personality with the treat they are handing out to trick or treaters this Halloween.

Answers are at the bottom.
Big Name Personality
1. Gwyneth Paltrow, lifestyle guru & occasional actress
2. Oprah, goddess divine
3. Terry Gross, host & producer of NPR’s Fresh Air
4. Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots
5. Kevin Spacey, entertainer & producer
6. Beyoncé, celestial being
7. John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff
8. J.Lo & A-Rod, ravishing power couple

Match the Big Name Personality to the Correct Halloween Treats
a. Bone broth cleanse with a laarb lettuce cup chaser and a side of shame
b. A compromised view of American history sandwiched between a widespread lowering of standards.
c. Bread
d. Fuel for the misconstrued and mythical flame that gay men are sexual deviants
e. Reishi chocolate almonds & darling Simone Après Ski Sweaters
f. Jay-Z’s manhood (which is kept in a box to the left)
g. Elixir from their fountain of youth & the hope they will procreate
h. Public radio tote bags filled with Bill O’Reilly’s soul

Answers: 1) e; 2) c; 3) h; 4) a; 5) d; 6) f; 7) b; 8) g


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