Humor Is A Subjective Biatch

screen-shot-2017-10-25-at-10-09-04-pmOne question I get asked a lot is, “Stacey, how did you get into comedy writing?” I wish I had a clear-cut cool person answer, but I don’t. After I had my third kiddo I knew I wanted to return to work, but I knew I didn’t want to do what I was doing in my previous career: experiencing a slow death by Power Point. I knew I wanted to go back to school and I knew I wanted to have fun.

I dig comedy, satire, and smart people. Logically, Second City called to me and I enrolled in their comedy and sketch writing programs, as well as took improv classes. I had the best teachers and worked with amazing classmates. From book authors and television show writers and producers, to newbies like me looking to share their voice, I was able to work with and learn from some pretty damn great people. Now I get to write funny stuff for publications and web sites and do stand-up and storytelling.

I have always been a sort of self-deprecating person willing to point out my wide variety of flaws. I have also always been a person who sees something shitty going on and uses humor (i.e. satire) to expose just how incredibly awful the issue, person, or thing is.

For example, I wrote a piece for The Belladonna Comedy on Joel Osteen, evangelist extraordinaire. I wrote this piece  from the perspective of Mr. Osteen’s hair stylist. My brain works in mysterious ways. I also wrote a piece for The Second City on El Chapo, but wrote from the perspective of a hipster in Brooklyn. Both are unsavory dudes, but I used satire to highlight just how unsavory I think they really are.

Everyone has their own personal taste regarding what is funny and what isn’t. Humor is a subjective biatch. What one person finds funny another person will find offensive. Such is life. People love to share their differences in opinion on Twitter and in comment sections. Whether you think Adam Sandler is one funny guy or the antichrist, you are entitled to think and feel whatever you want.

I happen to think The Onion, Jimmy Kimmel, and jokes about wildly out of control pubic hair told by women with wildly out of control pubic hair, are funny. Others might find my sense of humor and what I like stale, distasteful, and tacky. This is a-okay! You know why? Because we are free to discover for ourselves what is funny and what is stale, distasteful, and tacky.

Laughing is a super fun thing. Laughing triggers endorphins (these are your body’s touchy-feely all is well with life chemicals). Laughing relieves stress and makes you feel good when the world around you is going to hell in a handbasket. My mom had a wicked sense of humor. It was dry, cutting, and brutally honest. I pray that’s where mine came from.

In these incredibly trying times where we face morally depleted political leaders, natural disasters affecting millions of people, and a horrible third hour of the Today show, laughing is the only thing keeping some of us going. So keep the fart, political, and Weinstein jokes coming because humor is truly the best medicine.


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