Get Out Of My House: A Back to School Playlist

August is here and I am in the home stretch of summer vacation. Toward the end of summer I operate in survival mode. Who am I kidding, all summer long I am in survival mode.

My younger children wake up saying, “What are we doing today? Museum? Pool? Mini golf? Zoo? Playground? Movies? Beach?” Their enthusiasm and zest for life is fabulous. However, keeping up with that zest for life can be a tad draining for momma bear.

See, I am my family’s Julie McCoy. The cruise director of the dingy I call the S.S. Zapalac. It can be exhausting planning activities to create a well-rounded summer for my darling cherubs.

Admittedly, I am looking forward to August 23, the first day of school in my community. And what do I do to prepare for the first day of school? Well… a back-to-school playlist of course! Nothing like a little music to get me amped up for homework meltdowns, judgy moms, classroom volunteering, drop-off/pick-up car lines from hell, eight months of colds, flu, strep, lice, and/or mysterious rashes, oh, and don’t forget, dealing with the emotional aftermath of lock-down drills.

A playlist of festive go-the-hell-back-to-school music helps me to feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Here is my iTunes Get Out of My House: Go Back To School Playlist:

  1. I Think We’re Alone Now, by Tiffany
  2. Get The Party Started, by P!nk
  3. Best Day Ever, by SpongeBob Squarepants
  4. Ain’t No Stopping Us Now, by McFadden & Whitehead
  5. Freedom!, by George Michael
  6. Walkin’ On Sunshine, by Katrina & The Waves
  7. Survivor, by Destiny’s Child
  8. Happy, by Pharrell Williams
  9. Celebration, by Kool & The Gang
  10. It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year, by Andy Williams

As you gird your loins for these final carefree days of summer, take some time to find yourself motivational music that keeps your spirits up. Oh, and keep your wine glass full. That helps too!


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