Taking A Break From Decision Making


Do you ever feel like you are the primary decision maker in your family? That absolutely every decision made, is made by you,
and only you? I for one have to make about one zillion decisions each and every day. I make decisions for myself, my husband, our three children, other family members, friends – even our two guinea pigs seem to need my decision making help. It’s down right exhausting.

However, what if I went on strike from decision making? What would happen if I took a step back from making a single decision? Would my family implode? Would my need for complete and total control short circuit? Here is how things might go in my house if I were not making decisions.

Child #1: Momma, what’s for breakfast?
Me: Not sure darling son, what are you making?
Child #1: I don’t know how to make breakfast. You always make the breakfast.
Me: What if someone else made your breakfast today?
Child #1: That’s not funny. Stop frustrating me momma. <Insert eye roll here>

The Weather
Child #2: It’s supposed to rain today, what should I wear?
Me: I don’t know, what do you think you should wear?
Child #2: Ummm… I just asked YOU that question.
Me: I know, and I asked a question back.
Child #2: Seriously? This is so frustrating. <Insert eye roll here>

Spouse: Should I pick up the girls from swim practice?
Me: That’s up to you.
Spouse: Ummm… what did you say?
Me: I said… you decide if you are going to pick the girls up from swim practice.
Spouse: Did I do something wrong?
Me: No, not at all. You decide if you are going to pick up the girls or not.
Spouse: Are you feeling ok?
Me: I think so. Do I not seem ok?
Spouse: This is so frustrating. <Insert eye roll here>

Child #3: What are we doing today?
Me: I don’t know, what are we doing today?
Child #2: Yeah, what plans do we have?
Me: I haven’t made any plans, have you?
Child #3: Are we just supposed to do nothing today?
Me: I am not sure. I am waiting for you two to decide what we are going to do today.
Child #2: How are we supposed to know? This is so frustrating. <Insert eye roll here>

Arts & Crafts
Child #1: Which color should I use on this coloring page, brown or green?
Me: You pick.
Child #1: But I want you to tell me which color?
Me: You have a great eye for color, you can pick.
Child #1: Why are you being so mean? This is so frustrating. <Insert eye roll here>

Child #3: Can I get this app?
Me: I don’t know, can you?
Child #3: Ummm…
Me: Well… what do you think we should?
Child #3: This is so confusing.
Me: Do you think this app is age appropriate?
Child #3: Geez, forget it. This is so frustrating. <Insert eye roll here>

Weird & Wild
Child #2: Momma, which would you rather have, a nose ring or a tattoo?
Me: I am not sure. Mommy needs a break from making decisions.
Child #2: What do you think would look better on me, a nose ring or a tattoo?
Me: I don’t know. Don’t you think you look perfect just the way you are?
Child #2: I would rather have a tattoo… like a big one on my neck.
Me: That’s it! I am back making decisions. My decision is no tattoo and no piercings, EVER!
Child #2: Great! Now that you are back to making decisions, what are we doing today, what should I wear, what’s for breakfast, can we get that app, brown or green for the coloring page, and is daddy picking us up from swim?


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