The Best Organ Recital You Will Ever See

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Just watch until :50 at least. I guarantee you will be riveted! And yes — that entire song is this little girl solo on the organ.

What To Do With Artichoke Hearts

If Google Analytics is to be believed, there is a shocking dearth of information out there about what to do with all those tins of canned artichoke hearts lying around. For some reason, “artichoke hearts” is one of my most popular search terms week after week. As I am all about giving the people what... Read more »

25 Ways to Tie a Scarf

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Puxsatawney Phil said only six more weeks of winter but I know he’s an unreliable meteorologist. Either that, or his definition of spring is pretty broad. Either way, we’re in for winter coats, hats, and boots for at least three more months. I like to make my practical, layered look a little more interesting with... Read more »

10 Ways 'The Good Wife' Gets Chicago Wrong

10 Ways 'The Good Wife' Gets Chicago Wrong
I’ve only been living here in Chicago for 15 years, so I certainly don’t claim to be a life-long resident-level expert on the subject. But even with only 15 years under my belt, it’s obvious (even to me) that the production designer did not do his or her due diligence with giving “The Good Wife”... Read more »

Les Miserables: Before and After Motherhood

Les Miserables: Before and After Motherhood
Les Miserables came to America in 1986 (the year I graduated from high school). Thanks to my sheltered upbringing, I never even heard of it until the mid-90’s when I saw it as a surprise when visiting a friend in London. Since then, I’ve seen it on stage three more times and now, the movie.... Read more »

A Gift for Dad: A Guide for the Clueless

A Gift Certificate to J. Hilburn. 

This company apparently makes custom shirts, outerwear, ties, and suits. They also have some snazzy cufflinks and belts. My husband works in IT and never wears a tie, much less a suit but he sure would look handsome posed out on a desolate highway with a motorcycle.
Look, you have to buy a gift for a dad. You have to. It’s the holidays — the season of obligatory gift-giving. He’s going to (hopefully) show up on Christmas Day with something sparkly and gorgeous for you. (It’s Christmas Day that we celebrate around here — insert your holiday of choice if you don’t... Read more »

Ten Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers

A hand-written note from you or your child is by far the most meaningful gift you can give to a teacher. Their job is largely thankless and a sincere thank you will be deeply appreciated. Bonus points: send a note to the principal singing the praises of your child's teacher.
Does it really need a preamble? Ten awesome gift ideas for the teachers in your life. What better time to show your appreciation to those hard-working teachers that spend nearly all of their working hours with your children? I sincerely like children — even other people’s children. But I could never be a teacher. My... Read more »

Baby Names of 2012: So Last Week

Baby Names of 2012: So Last Week
Goodbye baby names of 2012. Forward thinking parents are already looking for the hot baby names of 2013. No one wants those old, used-up names from 2012 like Jacob, Sophia, Mason, Emma, Jayden, Brayden or Kayden. You’ve got to think out of the box at least a little bit when naming your children unless you... Read more »

Nostalgia Tastes Like a Hostess Twinkie

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Hostess, the maker of sinful delights such as Twinkies, Ho Ho’s and Wonder Bread, is shuttering it’s factories and closing down production of it’s bakery operations. If you’re feeling a sudden urge to run out and buy a box of Hostess Cupcakes or Powder Sugar Donuts, blame it on childhood nostalgia. When I was a... Read more »

The Truth in Black and White

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I have been MIA wrapped up in the strike. Watch this and cry while I get my act together.