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The 6 Women in Songs Who are the Best Marriage Material: Day 3 of Women in Songs Theme Week

<strong>6. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond</strong><br><br>Sweet Caroline got the nod at #6 because the good times never seemed so good; any time a woman can bring you to your highest highs, you have to think about wife'ing her up. <br><br> With such  high praise, I knew they'd make a happy couple but then when Neil sang that his nights don't seem so lonely and that, "We fill it up with only two", I knew their relationship was going to last .
Day One: Tragic Figures Day Two: 10 Sexiest Women in Songs Today I’m tackling the subject of which women from songs who would make the best wife.

Women in Songs Theme Week: Tragic Figures

Women in Songs Theme Week: Tragic Figures
Today Lists That Actually Matter is kicking off another Theme Week  and this theme is Women in Songs. With today’s list being Tragic Figures. I decided not to rank these because I didn’t want anyone to feel like a loser here since they are already tragic enough, I didn’t want to heap-on to their burdens.... Read more »