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My Favorite Tweets of 2012

This one killed me and so does that picture of Willy.
Upon realizing I tend to take screen grabs of about 85% of my favorite tweets, I decided to make a list of my favorites from 2012. Happy New Year from all of us at Lists That Actually Matter and Happy Year, even when it’s old.

Top 9 Ways 50 Cent's 'How to Rob' is Dated

Top 9 Ways 50 Cent's 'How to Rob' is Dated
              If you are already familiar with this song you can just skip to the part starting below the youtube clip. Otherwise… Before the masses learned of 50 Cent from his chart-topping uber-smash hit, In Da Club, he was on the  Billboard charts with the lesser-known-but-equally-great, How to Rob.... Read more »

6 Whitney Houston Storylines to Keep an Eye on

6 Whitney Houston Storylines to Keep an Eye on
We all know she died, and we all know she was “troubled” and by “troubled” I mean a recovering drug addict. So what’s next? 1. Countdown for Ray-J and Bobby Brown to try profit from this in 4…3…2… Bobby I can understand wanting to profit from this as  he and Whitney have a daughter together... Read more »

Six Terrible Pop Songs You Secretly Enjoy

You knew this was coming. You know what? It's not that terrible. Rick Roll that.
I finally listened to Rebecca Black’s Friday. Here’s how it happened: a friend in a Google email group sent the link to a bunch of us, telling us how terrible it was, and I turned it on, saw the 32 million views, listened until she started singing, and then said, “Holy crap, this IS terrible!”... Read more »