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Political Lookalikes and Celebrity Love Child Investigation

7. Florence Henderson and Hillary Clinton
In August, Lists That Actually Matter’s Dan Tello chronicled the Top 6 Politician/Celebrity Lookalikes, and he was right. Science has show those are the top 6, but I think I found 7 through 9. In addition to that are 4  Love Child Investigations, where I theorize about the actual parents of current political figures. Trust... Read more »

Five Rumored Features of the Downtown Casino

Racing, Sports and Violent Crime Wagering Book: Over/under on gunshots at the Taste this year is only 2.5. I'd fire on that. Pun intended.
Chicago is a city with a lot of problems. We’re broke, our public school system is a mess, gang violence remains prevalent, and our gas prices and taxes are the highest in the country. But nobody cares about that stuff because there could be a casino on its way to downtown. Chicago could be the... Read more »

Best New Street Art in Chicago

Funny timing for all of this because I just got my signed limited edition by him back today from the frame shop after work. Not bad.
This beauty appears in an alley on the west wall of the new Urban Outfitters on the southside Diversey, just steps West of Clark. Graffiti watchers will also note that the Blagojevich Jailhouse Rock pose in an alley across the street was VERY recently painted over. One might wonder if the new piece across the... Read more »

10 Chicago Commodities I'd Trade on the CBOT if I Could

I'd Trade White Sox fans with Brazilian Soccer Fans<br><br>Just be thankful I didn't show you the image search results for, "White Sox Fans". *shivers* ewwwwuughhhh.
If Dave Chappelle can host a race draft, then I can trade Chicago people and Chicago things on the Chicago Board of Trade in an attempt to upgrade things here in the City of Broad Shoulders. ————— TRSlyder on Facebook ListsThatActuallyMatter on Facebebook @AndyDisco on Twitter