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26 Things That Used to be Better, According to my Old Man

26 Things That Used to be Better, According to my Old Man
This is my father’s list, every single one except #18. Even though he thought up all the items and explained them to me when necessary, I did the writing. Whenever I could, I quoted my old man from a series of very-brief emails he sent me to explain a few on his list. I’ll be... Read more »

Dos and Don'ts for New College Roommates

All across the country, a new crop of college students prepares for a brand new way of life. Adjusting to a roommate (or roommates) can be one of the most difficult parts of that new life. It’s always stressful dealing with another person’s quirks and idiosyncrasies, but now the solution isn’t as simple as just... Read more »

Top 5 Things Not to Skimp On in a Recession

Toilet Paper: Butts, most of us only have one. Shouldn't we take care of them? If you've been thinking about cutting corners by cutting plies, think again. It's a matter of basic comfort. And studies have shown that people who regularly use or force others to use single ply toilet paper are 85% more likely to join a terrorist/dog fighting organization. It could happen to you!
In these harsh economic times, we all have to make sacrifices. But there are some areas where we should not cut back, like on the use of the term “in these harsh economic times,” for example. But there are others. Here are five things you should never skimp on … in these harsh economic times.