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5 Reasons LeBron and The Miami Heat are Good for the NBA

Follow @dantello1 “We wrote this on July 9, 2010, immediately following “The Decision” as our pitch to Jimmy Greenfield to let us idiots have a blog on ChicagoNow.  It’s fun to look back now and see what we were right and wrong about.  And for the first time, we were more right than wrong.” –... Read more »

5 Signs the Apocalypse Did Happen

A lot of signs point to Harold Camping being wrong about his Doomsday prediction, like the earth isn’t crumbling beneath our feet, Harold Camping is just a senile 89-year-old man, and Megan Fox is still alive.  However, some signs are showing that Harold Camping shouldn’t concede defeat quite yet.  Here at Lists That Actually Matter... Read more »

Bulls-Heat: 7 lessons learned from Game 4

We were all watching Tuesday night from the final possession of regulation through the end of the game, as one opportunity after another slipped away from our Chicago Bulls. A chance to tie the series and head home for the rubber match, Rose and co. could do nothing more than slink away in a 3-1... Read more »

5 Reasons to Hate the Miami Heat

5 Reasons to Hate the Miami Heat
Hating on the Heat is the new Black.  Here are the 5 Reasons we could think of, let us know if you can think of any others. ——————————————-“Like” us on Facebook.