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5 Most Annoyingly Played-Up Accents by Rappers

5 Most Annoyingly Played-Up Accents by Rappers
You know how some most Italian people can’t help but selectively brandish their Italian accent when describing food- because they think it ups their Italian cred if they call mozzarella “mutza rell”? Well Rappers are no different. When they’re doing their swag brag, they love to play up their respective provincial accents. Here are the... Read more »

Christopher Dorner Celebrity Love Child Investigation

This is the official military photograph of Christopher Dorner.
Platypuses, The Bermuda Triangle and The Taos Hum serve to remind us that we humans do not have all the answers.  Some people find such mysteries to be a fun curiosity, while others view them as an affront to mankind’s empirical knowledge. Being that I am a bit of an arm-chair celebrity geneticist (successful instances here and here),... Read more »