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6 Whitney Houston Storylines to Keep an Eye on

6 Whitney Houston Storylines to Keep an Eye on
We all know she died, and we all know she was “troubled” and by “troubled” I mean a recovering drug addict. So what’s next? 1. Countdown for Ray-J and Bobby Brown to try profit from this in 4…3…2… Bobby I can understand wanting to profit from this as  he and Whitney have a daughter together... Read more »

Five Not Very Well Thought Out Replacements for Oprah

Mayor Richard M. Daley: Pro: Cronyism helps Gayle get that city trucking contract she's been trying to lock up for years. Con: Viewers could tune in one day only to find their show bulldozed and sold off to a private company for the next 75 years.
Oprah is leaving. Sort of. Not really. She is going to stop doing her daily talk show in September, but now she just has an entire network devoted to her. Sure, go ahead Oprah. I wasn’t watching the Discovery Health network or anything. Just take it off the air in the middle of the night... Read more »

Top 10 Things Old People Like

Not sure if you’re getting old?  This list has been scientifically proven to answer that question for you.