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The 10 Worst Personality Traits of Donald Trump

Lately, the mainstream media (a.k.a. lamestream media if you support, well, any candidate) has been reporting on many of what they would like you to believe are Donald Trump’s most horrible positions and statements.  However, as #msm #lamestreetmedia tends to do, they have REFUSED to report the most disgusting things Trump does.  Come on #MSM,... Read more »

Political Lookalikes and Celebrity Love Child Investigation

7. Florence Henderson and Hillary Clinton
In August, Lists That Actually Matter’s Dan Tello chronicled the Top 6 Politician/Celebrity Lookalikes, and he was right. Science has show those are the top 6, but I think I found 7 through 9. In addition to that are 4  Love Child Investigations, where I theorize about the actual parents of current political figures. Trust... Read more »