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11 Things Republicans Love the Most

11. Israel <br><br> Republicans LOVE them some Israel. They aren't sure why, since Republicans trust only fellow Christians. But they know that whoever writes their talking points likes Israel for some reason, so they fall in line.
Republicans get a bad rap in the mainstream media. They are branded as “The Party of No”, or the bigoted party, or the party of out of touch old white guys who look out for their best interests. But they are so much more than just a party of negative people. Here is a list... Read more »

How to run Your own NFL True Crime Fantasy League

How to run Your own NFL True Crime Fantasy League
Everyone is in a conventional fantasy football league. This is a chance to start something similar, yet different. Here is how to run your own NFL true crime fantasy league where you score points by the legal improprieties of NFL players. Before I set it up I’d like to note that this league is an... Read more »

Five Rumored Features of the Downtown Casino

Racing, Sports and Violent Crime Wagering Book: Over/under on gunshots at the Taste this year is only 2.5. I'd fire on that. Pun intended.
Chicago is a city with a lot of problems. We’re broke, our public school system is a mess, gang violence remains prevalent, and our gas prices and taxes are the highest in the country. But nobody cares about that stuff because there could be a casino on its way to downtown. Chicago could be the... Read more »