12 Media Personalities who Shout Instead of Talk

<strong>Ed Schultz</strong><br><br>A lot of people say that his show is unwatchable, but I disagree. However, I will concede that's un-listenable. You could mute his show in a nursing home auditorium and the residents in the back row would plug their ears.
Some television personalities are referred to as talking heads. These are more like shouting heads. You may not recognize all of their names or faces, but I know you’ve heard them. Either on your television set or radio, or on the television set or radio of someone within 800 yards of you.

7 Most Worthless Questions Heard on Sports News Shows

  <strong>Will They Become a Dynasty? Are They Already a Dynasty?</strong><br><br> This question is asked after every sports championship concludes and is a very effective time waster. My biggest problem (among many) with this is that no one has defined "Dynasty" and most agree that the definition of a dynasty changes between eras. <br><br> I love watching world class athletes compete in sports. What I don't care about is fat sports talk guys who wear khaki pants and black silk shirts with brown sandals, argue about where they feel one team ranks among every other team in history, dating back to 1962.  <br><br>That is VERY far removed from why most people enjoy sports
There is a lot of demand for sports news but there isn’t quite as much demand for sports talk, although it is in copious supply. Every sports fan wants to hear the latest news about their favorite teams, players, rivals, etc.  But what they don’t all need is to listen to four dudes giving their... Read more »

Suggested New Year's Resolutions for Famous People

Suggested New Year's Resolutions for Famous People
Let’s face it, we could all tighten up our game a little in 2012. I’m here to help. Herman Cain: If you’re going to write a book and then get caught cheating, make sure Barnes & Noble doesn’t have it in this section:   The CTA: Your “Holiday Train” has man dressed as Santa Claus... Read more »

4 Reasons Jalen Rose's Drunk Driving Apology was Laughably Bad

That totally makes sense. And it saves me time because my first question was going to be, "Will your alibi be, 'Someone kidnapped my family and told me that I'd never see them again unless I bonged 6 beers in 15 minutes with some girls at Outback Steakhouse and then immediately drive away drunk. So I did it. That being said, I'd also like to add that I'd like this legal matter to hang over my head for quite some time before I get it resolved.'?". But that sentence cleared it up.
Drunk driving. Classy. His full speech:   “Although I was not feeling impaired, the results of these tests indicate that my blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. “I regret the decision to drive home that evening and am grateful that no one was hurt in the accident. I apologize to my family, my... Read more »

6 Websites and Their REAL Names

You know how when you see a pudgy, middle-aged lady reading Cat Fancy magazine you think, “Why don’t they just name that magazine ‘Lonely, Pudgy, Middle-Aged Lady Monthly’? Because that is who it is really for.”? I applied the same line of logic to websites. I mean couldn’t USAToday.com also be called TheMatchboxTwentyOfNews.com?

Top 5 Ways to be an Annoying Anchor of a Sports Show

Top 5 Ways to be an Annoying Anchor of a Sports Show
Someone has to call out all the annoying, uninspired, hackneyed SportsCenter and NFL Pre-Game Desk Shows. So I did.