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The 6 Women in Songs Who are the Best Marriage Material: Day 3 of Women in Songs Theme Week

<strong>6. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond</strong><br><br>Sweet Caroline got the nod at #6 because the good times never seemed so good; any time a woman can bring you to your highest highs, you have to think about wife'ing her up. <br><br> With such  high praise, I knew they'd make a happy couple but then when Neil sang that his nights don't seem so lonely and that, "We fill it up with only two", I knew their relationship was going to last .
Day One: Tragic Figures Day Two: 10 Sexiest Women in Songs Today I’m tackling the subject of which women from songs who would make the best wife.

Top 5 Songs About Female Sexual Submission

Top 5 Songs About Female Sexual Submission
I think a new sub-genre of pop music is afoot. It is for this generation of pop starlets, what the Power Ballad was for the glam rockers of the 1900’s. Whereas power ballads showcased the hardened rocker’s soft side, the new sub-genre is about the pop starlet being sexually submissive. The two may have more... Read more »