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5 Best Television Commercials Ever

I totally love how the frat boy describes everything in terms of awesomeness (e.g. "You are so awesome.", "This is kinda awesome."). For a solid two year stretch of my life, whenever I'd hear a woman whining up a storm I'd always think of: the whiny wife's "Ugghh! Are you KIDDING MEE?". Because honestly? I just wanna make an omelette!!!! <p><p><p>
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6 Worst Super Bowl Commercials

Budweiser Western Bar Tiny Dancer<br><br>Was this marketed to the Glee demographic? Seriously. Fox has been shilling for Glee all night and Glee is coming on after the Super Bowl. Even if that conspiracy theory were not true, that commercial was uninspired and just bogus.
Self explanatory. I am typing this during the game so I’m in a hurry to finish.While I appreciate them providing material for a blog post, they sucked to bad for me to post their commercials in youtube format. My only criterion was that I included only commercials that I thought were trying to hit home... Read more »

6 Commercials I Fu#%ing Hate

At the risk of sounding like someone wearing a tinfoil helmet, I will keep this as brief as I can: I hate it when commercials try to change your current emotions. Movie commercials are often offenders in this realm. You are half-assedly watching tv while you surf the web on your computer and suddenly you start to feel like you're on edge then realize it is because the television is blaring a loud, screeching-music-laden horror movie commercial. Will associating your movie with physical uncomfortability really incentivize me to pay $12 to see your movie? Probably not. I'm trying to unwind after a long day of work, not imagine Freddie Kruger is chasing me That being said, I actually prefer Hefty's aluminum foil over Reynold's. It just has a more lasting snug fit.
At a minimum, commercials should entertain you. At best, they should persuade you. These are neither. In fact, they are so annoying that they deter us from using their products.