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Bulls-Heat: 7 lessons learned from Game 4

We were all watching Tuesday night from the final possession of regulation through the end of the game, as one opportunity after another slipped away from our Chicago Bulls. A chance to tie the series and head home for the rubber match, Rose and co. could do nothing more than slink away in a 3-1... Read more »

Six Great Derrick Rose Games from 2011 (from Bulls beat writer Christopher Cason)

After a March 2 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, a game in which the Bulls were up by as much as 19 in the second quarter before a second half meltdown, Rose took the loss extremely hard as he had committed a crucial turnover in the game's final seconds. He finished with 12 points and 12 assists but shot 5-21 and committed 6 turnovers. The rematch would be nine days later, and after a slow first half in which he shot 2-11, Rose got it going in the second half, scoring 12 points in a 14-0 run where the Bulls seized control of the game and won 94-76. Rose finished with 34 points and went 14-15 from the free throw line.
While I was compiling my list of six great Rose games of this season, I decided to holler at my dude Christopher Cason of CSNChicago and Examiner.com, a Bulls beat writer who has seen every Rose home game of the past two years up close and personal. Without showing him my list, I asked Chris... Read more »

Six Great Derrick Rose Games from 2011

This was the final game of the Point Guard Gauntlet: in Utah on Feb. 9 to face Deron Williams, in New Orleans three nights later to face Chris Paul, and home against the Spurs and Tony Parker five days after that. Rose made short work of all three and cemented his position as the NBA's best point guard du jour.
On December 21, 2009, the Bulls blew a 35-point lead at home to the Sacramento Kings and lost 102-98. Last night, the Bulls built a 35-point lead at home against the Sacramento Kings… and then scored five more points to close out for a 132-92 victory. In between those two games, the Bulls compiled an... Read more »

Six Great Michael Jordan Games from 1998

Last game of the season, Ewing injured, the Bulls running at full strength. Watch the clips... you'll see...
When the Bulls take the United Center floor tonight, they will be shooting for the team’s first 50 win season in 13 years. March 20, 1998 was the last time a Chicago Bulls team bagged its 50th win of a season, a rather close escape over Vancouver, and sure enough, a quick scan of the... Read more »

Six Chicago Bulls Point Guards Likely To Be Forgotten Once This Whole "Derrick Rose is a Super Duper Star" Thing Runs Its Course, 1999-2008 edition

A second round rookie, Chris Duhon was ultimately the man who stabalized the point guard position in Chicago. He was also a key catalyst for the team's first playoff season since the Jordan/Pippen years. In his four years with the Bulls, only Hinrich started more games at guard than Duhon.
As reported last month by the Associated Press, Derrick Rose is really, really good at basketball. Fortunately for us hoops fans here in the Windy, Mr. Rose is currently employed by Your Future World Champion… Chicago Bulls! And when the lights dim at the United Center and the starting lines are announced, it’s the hometown... Read more »

Six Songs for a Wednesday Afternoon (Chicago Sports Edition, Part II)

"By the shores of old Lake Michigan, where the hawk wind blows so cold..."
If you missed Part I of Six Songs, Chicago Sports Edition, you can read it here. Those six were the game songs that we most associate with the ballparks and stadiums of our beloved Chicago clubs. Now we will celebrate a different six: the tribute songs that augment the team’s musical selections or became smash... Read more »

Six Songs for a Wednesday Morning (Chicago Sports Edition, Part I)

Hey Chicago, what do you say?
One of my favorite schticks from my ReadJack site is “Six Songs,” which I dropped whenever the mood struck. Time to bring that over to Lists That Actually Matter, starting with a Chicago Sports edition. We’ll go with the “game” songs first, those diddies we hear at the ballpark or the stadium and on TV... Read more »