Dead Horse: Amanda Bynes <br><br> How she is Beaten: "Amanda Bynes is easily the most fu&%ed up bi%&h in Hollywood and that's saying something! Is she even still alive? Oh she is? How about now?....Ok what about now?" <br><br> Imagine you and your friend are hanging out and he tells you a joke about a mentally ill woman with a debilitating drug addiction who then made unwise fashion decisions and said unintelligent things on Twitter. After hearing that joke do you envision yourself laughing uproariously and patting your friend on the back and saying, "Where do you get these amazing jokes??!!" <br><br> When it happened to a celebrity in real life, millions of people tweeted about its hilarity.
I’m tired of seeing the same celebrity whipping boys/girls get berated for the same tired reasons. If you’re gonna berate someone (and you should) at least be un-stupid enough to observe these rules: 1) Don’t make fun of a drug addiction, 2) Prior to their stupidity, was there a reasonable expectation of intelligence/maturity from the... Read more »