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10 Best Baseball Seasons by a Player With a Jheri Curl

But before we get to the list, I had to present the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Medium of the Jheri Curl to Pascual Perez. The man has earned it. Thanks for you all you did, Pascual. <br><br> Ok, now on to the list.
Jheri! Jheri! Jheri! The rule for inclusion on this list is pretty easy: The player must have had a Jheri curl for most of that season as far as I could tell. To make this list a player needed to be in both his baseball prime and his plumage prime from about 1986-1989, when baseball... Read more »

8 Reasons I was Psyched to see Geraldo's Areolae in his Selfie

8 Reasons I was Psyched to see Geraldo's Areolae in his Selfie
I’ve always liked extremely stupid stuff and being psyched about seeing Geraldo’s areolae certainly continues that proud tradition. Don’t get me wrong- I despise things that are stupid. But extremely stupid stuff captivates me like how a tornado enthralls a storm-chaser, it’s destructive and scary but I crave the rush of its nearness. Not the... Read more »

Hacked Email Reveals Planned Yankee Home Run Catchphrases!!

"I want to french Rivera in the French Riviera!"
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @andydisco I can’t say who got these for me (or if this is total satire) but a guy I know hacked into the email account of a prominent New York Yankee announcer. I was able to obtain several emails from the popular–if-over-the-top Yankee sycophant and radio announcer, John Sterling.