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The 5 Least Ladylike Women in Songs: Theme Week Day 4

The 5 Least Ladylike Women in Songs: Theme Week Day 4
There is more about this list that is NSFW than there is that is SFW, so you have been warned.   These lewd, crass, vulgar and crude songs represent the worst in women in songs. Where my previous lists about Women in Songs dealt with tragic, sexy and virtuous women, this list identifies women more... Read more »

The 6 Women in Songs Who are the Best Marriage Material: Day 3 of Women in Songs Theme Week

<strong>6. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond</strong><br><br>Sweet Caroline got the nod at #6 because the good times never seemed so good; any time a woman can bring you to your highest highs, you have to think about wife'ing her up. <br><br> With such  high praise, I knew they'd make a happy couple but then when Neil sang that his nights don't seem so lonely and that, "We fill it up with only two", I knew their relationship was going to last .
Day One: Tragic Figures Day Two: 10 Sexiest Women in Songs Today I’m tackling the subject of which women from songs who would make the best wife.

The 10 Sexiest Women in Songs: Women in Songs Theme Week Day 2

<strong>10. Mary Jane from Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers</strong><br><br> Being from Indiana, I am biased to her growing up in Indiana town with some Indiana boys on an Indiana night. But what's objectively awesome writing is that, "She moved down here at the age of 18, she blew the boys was more than they'd seen".<br><br><iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Women in Songs Theme Week Day 1: Tragic Women This is pretty straight-forward so feel free to stop reading this part and get right to the 10 sexiest women in songs. If, however, you’d like a long-winded version of my criteria for this list, you can keep reading. These lists are about women mentioned in... Read more »

Women in Songs Theme Week: Tragic Figures

Women in Songs Theme Week: Tragic Figures
Today Lists That Actually Matter is kicking off another Theme Week¬† and this theme is Women in Songs. With today’s list being Tragic Figures. I decided not to rank these because I didn’t want anyone to feel like a loser here since they are already tragic enough, I didn’t want to heap-on to their burdens.... Read more »