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Photos of Washington, Illinois Tornado Damage

Photos of Washington, Illinois Tornado Damage
My buddy Bill is a writer for USA Today and he took me along with him to gather info for his article in USA Today about the tornado damage in Washington, Illinois. After seeing anything like this for this first time, I will say the damage was profound, terrifying, awe-inspiring, complete, random, haunting and humbling.... Read more »

11 Things I Want to see Invented/Made That We Already Have the Technology for

Waiter Call Button at Restaurants <br><br> Airplanes have them for flight attendants, so why don't restaurants have them for waiters? If waiters came only when they were called, wouldn't that be more efficient for everybody?
The title is pretty self-explanatory. All of us come up with ideas for things, “they oughta make”, and this is mine. It’s my first time doing a list like this so some ideas are gonna be more awesome than others, but I’d say they range from “Pretty awesome”, to, “Objectively the best idea possible”.

10 Signs It's Summer In the Loop

Demonstrators Aplenty: What do we want? Something! When do we want it? In the not too distant future!
“Like” us on Facebook Follow @dogisinmybushes   Be advised, it’s now summertime. So when stuck in conversation with someone with whom you have nothing to say, instead of “Cold enough for ya?” you should proceed with the alternate, “Hot enough for ya?” until further notice. Yes, it’s that wonderful time of year again here in... Read more »

Top Snowverdramatic Reactions to The Blizzard of 2011

People getting really excited about the blizzard. I mean REALLY excited. OMG, I have been wanting a snow day for forever!!! So :)!!! Side prediction - The Blizzard Baby Boom is offset by the Post-Snowpocalypse Suicide Skyrocket.
Well the peak of the great Blizzard of 2011 is over. Chicagoans will now have to attempt to head back to the real world (like their jobs) and not spend all day on Twitter, Facebook and Craigslist Casual Encounters talking about how badass, awful, fun, scary the snow storm was. Let us look back at... Read more »

A Dozen Ways to Pass the Time During a Blizzard

Construct a poorly written list for a local website: Sorry, Chicago's taken.
Snowmageddon! Blizzaster! And other frightening words with “snow” or “blizzard” shoehorned into them! The blizzard of 2011 is upon us and it’s out to get you and everyone you love. LOOK OUT! It’s right behind you! That was close. Get inside. Lock your doors. Barricade your windows. Clog your toilet. Any entry point is at... Read more »

Five Ways to Stay as Depressed as Possible During a Chicago Winter

Five Ways to Stay as Depressed as Possible During a Chicago Winter
Ah, almost February in Chicago.  Things to look forward to include wet socks re:gross road slush, low counts of the sun’s Vitamin D, and Facebook stalking anyone you’ve ever known who lives in the South, California, or even better, some sort of island.  The onset of claustropobia whilst riding the train amongst thick-coated Loop employees is... Read more »