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7 Most Worthless Questions Heard on Sports News Shows

  <strong>Will They Become a Dynasty? Are They Already a Dynasty?</strong><br><br> This question is asked after every sports championship concludes and is a very effective time waster. My biggest problem (among many) with this is that no one has defined "Dynasty" and most agree that the definition of a dynasty changes between eras. <br><br> I love watching world class athletes compete in sports. What I don't care about is fat sports talk guys who wear khaki pants and black silk shirts with brown sandals, argue about where they feel one team ranks among every other team in history, dating back to 1962.  <br><br>That is VERY far removed from why most people enjoy sports
There is a lot of demand for sports news but there isn’t quite as much demand for sports talk, although it is in copious supply. Every sports fan wants to hear the latest news about their favorite teams, players, rivals, etc.  But what they don’t all need is to listen to four dudes giving their... Read more »

10 Reasons to Pronounce it "JIF", not "GIF"

10 Reasons to Pronounce it "JIF", not "GIF"
In 1987, a Compuserve programmer named Steve Wilhite invented the .GIF file compression format which allowed for color pictures to be sent over the internet much faster than previous compression techniques allowed for. Eventually the .JPEG format became more popular for picture file compression, but the .GIF has recently regained it’s popularity for its ability... Read more »

6 More Reasons Kim Kardashian is STILL is not Actually Pregnant

6 More Reasons Kim Kardashian is STILL is not Actually Pregnant
On January 10th, I told you that Kim Kardashian is not Actually Pregnant. I still think that’s true and I think there is even more evidence now. 1. Kanye’s Work (himself) Out (of the fake Relationship) Plan After thinking about the surprising way Kanye broke the news of Kim’s pregnancy, I developed another theory to the... Read more »

5 Points About Manti Te'o's Fake Girlfriend Scandal I Haven't Heard Anyone Else Make Yet

5 Points About Manti Te'o's Fake Girlfriend Scandal I Haven't Heard Anyone Else Make Yet
I happen to lean on the side of Manti Te’o being a rube and 100% innocent. Am I completely positive I’m right? No, but that’s my hunch until all the facts are in. However, what I am positive of is that this whole things is hilarious and awesome and I haven’t been this excited for... Read more »

Tips &amp; Tricks For A Successful NCAA Tournament Bracket

March Madness is upon us! And that means it’s time to blow off hours at work, watch buzzer beaters and of course fill out a bracket (or three). The art of predicting the winners of the NCAA Tournament can be far easier with a little research and thought. Here are some tips we’ve found essential... Read more »

Top 10 Biggest Oscar Upsets of All-Time

There seems to be about one of these every three years. We dug through the archives and came up with the 10 biggest shockers by our estimation. Wonder if we’ll see another head-scratcher this Sunday?

Top Snowverdramatic Reactions to The Blizzard of 2011

People getting really excited about the blizzard. I mean REALLY excited. OMG, I have been wanting a snow day for forever!!! So :)!!! Side prediction - The Blizzard Baby Boom is offset by the Post-Snowpocalypse Suicide Skyrocket.
Well the peak of the great Blizzard of 2011 is over. Chicagoans will now have to attempt to head back to the real world (like their jobs) and not spend all day on Twitter, Facebook and Craigslist Casual Encounters talking about how badass, awful, fun, scary the snow storm was. Let us look back at... Read more »

Top Cameos in a Movie, Pre-2000

Chamberlain slept with 40k women, Arnold slept with a needle in his butt. Wilt is a true player!
All of these are pre-2000 since it seems like there are so many cameos in current films. Back in my day cameos were an art form. I know you all got other good ones, so post them in the comments section.

Top 5 Comedies That Give Real Comedy a Bad Rep

Somewhere between Heathers and Baby Mamma women are still trying to figure out their place in the comedy film world and deserve more credit than given. And I blame that on the release of and any and all publicity given to Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan
You won’t see too many comedy films at the Golden Globes or the Oscars. Here are five reasons why.

Top 5 Creative Ways to Kill Time at Work

Nobody needs to tell you to check your personal e-mail, facebook (or MySpace if you’re a pedophile or meth dealer), or your fantasy football team to kill time at work.  Those time wasters are so obvious that most companies block them.  This list will give you some new creative ways to kill time at work.... Read more »